Most Expensive Video Game Failures

Most Expensive Video Game Failures

Most Expensive Video Game Failures

Video game industry is huge and ever evolving. Every year, there is some new technology to play with; the gaming industry will never see a downturn.

However, video game marketers are becoming more and more competitive to fulfill the “craving” of gaming fans, pleasing them with something new each time. No matter how cool this gaming industry will be, there will be always displeased fans criticizing the most expensive video games.

List below are the most expensive video game failures:

1. SEGA -Shenmue - $ 70 million

shenmue sega

Whopping loss of $70 million, it failed to gain a fraction of gamer’s attention. It promised to offer an intense gaming pleasure to the fans which of course never happened and turned out to be a huge financial loss for SEGA. 

2. Homefront -2011- $50 million

homefront  2011

The game was much hyped before it release but couldn’t meet the expectations of the gamers. The game was nothing but $50 million disaster that deemed the interests of the gamers world-wide. It was just another moving illustration of new technology game that certainly lacked story line and appealing characters.

3. Daikatana - $25 million


Extensively spending 3 years in developing Daikatana, the developer Ion Storm received nothing but industry failure of the time. The game was known as one of the biggest failure in the gaming industry. Disappointing more than 20, 00, 00 copies, the loss was reported to be $25 million. 

4. Duke Nukem Forever – (2011)-$20 million

duke nukem forever

A very expensive disaster from Gearbox Studios/ 3D Realms, Duke Nukem Forever lost $20 million in the gaming market. The game was released after 15 years of its development which was the major reason behind its showdown. The extended delay cost their developers a massive loss to recuperate.

5. Drive3r (Atari)- $16 million

drive3r atari

An interactive video game developed by Atari and Reflections Interactive, it reported the loss of $16 million following its release. The gamers were so not happy about the way it was designed and it lacked the ease of using the controls and jerky movements. 

6. E.T The Extra- Terrestrial (Atari 2600)


7. Messiah- Loss Undisclosed