Most Expensive Addictions

Most Expensive Addictions

Most Expensive Addictions

Every one of us has some sort of addiction. Be it biting our nails, smoking, alcohol or just checking our mails; to each their own. Sometimes these addictions are harmless but sometimes they can also cause a fortune.

1. Plastic Surgery ($2000 - $500,000)

plastic surgery

This one is raking in billions all over the world. From Botox to Breast Augmentation every procedure comes with a huge price tag. Some go to the extent of getting several procedures done one after the other in the race to look beautiful. Cosmetic surgeries gone bad and require corrections which run deep into consumer’s pocket.

2. Redecorating and Renovating Homes ($10000 - $5million)

redecorating and renovating homes

A house is a reflection of those who live in it. But sometimes, when people can’t change what is happening in their lives, they resort to changing their homes often to feel better. The new décor gives them a feeling of change and restore balance in their lives.

3. Gambling ($5000 - $75000)


Considered as one of the most expensive addictions of all time involving money, gambling is not easy to get rid of. In the need to win, people keep on trying their luck to an extent where it becomes hard for them to pay back the lost money. The need to double up the money in case they win also adds to the addiction.

4. Online Shopping ($200- $10000)

online shopping

Shopaholics are ever where and online shopping has made it all the way easier for them. The cost of online shopping can reach a catastrophic level if not paid on time. Unwanted shopping items are mostly bought during sales and this maximizes the credit cards pretty soon adding up to huge debts.

5. Gaming ($600 - $2,000)


Most Expensive Video Games

6. Smoking ($250 - $9,000)


7. Alcohol ($400 - 8,000)


Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks

9 - Energy Drinks ($200 - $3,000)

energy drinks

10 - Tanning

tanning bed