Most Expensive Calculators

Most Expensive Calculators

Most Expensive Calculators

Earning or gaining wealth is not the last word. An appropriate calculation is necessary to maintain them in a sustain state. Calculator has been proved to do this work repeatedly over years. From the simplest to the complex calculation, the calculator can do the task easily and perfectly. Now a day, the calculator is one of the cheapest educational accessories.

The price might rarely pass the budget of $200. But the calculators from the beginning have a greater value of more than $1000. Those calculators are infrequently available today. Actually they become the collectors’ choice. A list is provided as follows considered the most expensive calculators –

1. Grillet portable Calculator ($155, 000)

grillet portable calculator

The world first portable calculator made in 17th century is considered the most expensive one. Creator Parisian named Rene Grillet de Roven in 1763 made the measuring device with a 32cm ×15 cm wood. It is designed as per the Nepier’s logarithm.

2. Hewlett-Packard 9100 ($4900)

hewlett packard 9100

Hewlett- Packard (HP) develops this desktop calculator as their first creation. This is better to call it a desktop calculator rather than considering the first HP personnel computer. It was launched at a high price about $4900 by HP in 1968.

3. Wolfram Mathematica 9 ($2500)

wolfram mathematica 9

Mathematica is not an isolated calculator. It is a complex computational program and is used widely as a virtual calculator. The standard version can be taken in both single and enterprise which ranges from a price of $2495- $6995.

4. HP 32Sii Scientific Calculator ($700)

hp 32sii scientific calculator

HP32Sii is an uncommon model in the recent days, as they are discontinued in 2002 after launching in 1991. It is rarely found in Alibaba or Amazon at a price of $699.99. HP32Sii has been proved as a useful tool for solving complex calculation.

5. HP 19BII Financial Calculator ($299)

hp 19bii financial calculator

Hewlett Packard launched this calculator in 1990 & is known to be a financial calculator. It comes with almost 450 functions which are scientific and statistical in nature. Its screen can display four lines of twenty three characters each. It is however, easy to operate.

6. Texas Instruments TI-86 ($299)

texas instruments ti 86

This one is known to be powerful calculator with a high contrast LCD screen. It comes with a RAM of 128Kb and a ROM of 256Kb and can support Greek alphabets and lower case letters. It was launched in 1997 but got discontinued in 2004.

7. Victor 1460-3 ($294)

victor 1460 3

This is a desktop calculator with fluorescent display. The 3rd generation 12 digit calculator is made for commercial use mainly. However currently this model is discontinued and is followed by 4th generation version from Victor.

8. Texas Instruments Voyage 200 ($279)

texas instruments voyage 200

Voyager 200 is known for its QWERTY keyboard & is categorised more like a computer. It is a great calculator and supports 3D graphing and plotting. It comes with 4MB flash memory and 256 Kb RAM. It can be programmable with specific softwares.

9. Casio Fx-cg20 Limited Edition ($249)

casio fx cg20 limited edition

This high resolution colored screen calculator is the expensive one from Casio. It supports 55 color images and has more than 2900 scientific and mathematical functions. It comes with PC link so that data can be easily transferred. It can display upto 20 digits.

10. Texas Instruments TI-92 Plus ($210)

texas instruments ti 92 plus

It had 3D graphics along with QWERTY keypads. It comes with 384Kb flash memory and 188Kb RAM. It was launched in 1998 and then later in 2002 got discontinued. The Plus series from Texas Instrument were the latest versions of TI-92 series.

Science 2000BC, the calculators are used to make life easier in terms of calculation. From then it always used for improving the quality of life by doing the calculation in seconds. If you need to calculate something you can buy one to make you task easier.