Most Expensive Gyms

Most Expensive Gyms

Most Expensive Gyms

Technological advancements have revolutionized various fitness centers. Gyms have adopted sophisticated machinery to meet the demands of the customers.  Modern gyms now provide a variety of training methods such as field tracks, boxing arena, swimming pool, indoor tennis, and basketball courts among others. Moreover, the location of gyms has also become an important factor.

Many clients prefer gyms located at strategic places such as near water bodies or unique buildings. Most fitness centers are also designed uniquely; some are building on top of other buildings while others are built in the basement of other building. Below is a list of the most expensive gyms of all time. 

1. The Wellness Sky - $30,000 

the wellness sky

This exotic gym charges a membership fee of $ 30,000 USD, making it the most expensive gym in the world. It has unique and attractive training machinery where members can enjoy yoga, tai-chi and other fitness techniques.

2. Equinox - $26,000 


This luxurious gym is located in New York and cost $ 26,000 for membership registration. The gym is popular for its exclusive membership admission where each new member must pass through a retina scanner that checks the body.

3. Madison Square Club - $25,000 

madison square club

This expensive gym charges new members a fee of $ 25,000. The gym has modern training machinery and has a serene environment for training. Personal training sessions occur twice every week. It is located strategically in New York City.

4. Houstonian Fitness Club - $24,000 

houstonian fitness club

This luxurious gym cost $ 24,000 for membership registration. Although it has high membership fees, members enjoy high standard training session aided by experienced gym instructors. Registered members also have access to a free beautiful terrycloth bathrobe.

5. Sitaras Fitness - $12,450 

sitaras fitness

6. Detroit Athletic Club - $4,800

detroit athletic club

7. East Bank Club - $2,220 

east bank club

The above state of the art gyms has adopted modern technology to provide better services. Despite their expensive membership fees, modern gyms have gained popularity in the recent years, a trend that has been caused by the desire of individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle.