Most Expensive Kitchens

Most Expensive Kitchens

Most Expensive Kitchens

We have been shelled by a slide of food shows over the past few years. From Jamie Oliver to,“Master Chef” of different countries, it has caught the attention of the entire world. Even movies like, “The Chef”, have left everyone craving not to eat the same kind of stale and boring food.

Looking at those chefs cook those yum dishes, will turn you green with jealousy because of their knack of doing it swiftly and decorously. Yes, they do have the distinctive talent, but having the correct kit and appliances will only make things easier, if not better.

1. Fiore di Cristallo – $1.6 Million


Launched in November 2012, the Fiore Di Cristallo has a sparkler worktop and concrete copper walls, with a crystal chandelier that is worth $42,000. Along with it, there is a crystal island that prices nearly $59,000. This functions as the kitchen’s lynchpin. It has 27 cabinets with crystal fronts. These articles work flawlessly, while the lights leap off the crystal fronts and worktop. 

2. Colosseo Oro – $456,000


Designed by Marazzi Design, Colosseo Oro, has appliances which alone are worth more than $83,000. It is a London based company and is exclusive. The Kitchen includes a mirrored steel, max-fired kiln hood that has a value of more than $12,100. It also has a tap designed by Zaha Hadid, who is a famed architect and the first woman who won the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004. 

3. Electrolux Grand Cuisine Professional Kitchen – $380,000


The Electrolux Grand Cuisine Professional Kitchen was designed by Henrik Otto. He has held that its target customers are the super-rich. By super-rich he means, the kind that take their trips in the Caribbean, flying on their own reserved jet, to their exclusive holiday island. They are the people who will only purchase the best offering in the bazaar and who perhaps would not even work with it as they have a chef to take care of the cooking!

4. Manhattan's Puck Penthouses Kitchen - $360,000


5. Steven Klar’s Kitchen - $325,000


6. The Greenwich Kitchen - $310,000


7. Carlton House Penthouse Kitchen - $297,960


One brilliant way of fulfilling the desire of cooking like a pro-chef is by purchasing a fully equipped kitchen. As for the filthily rich, a top-of-the-line kitchen, equipped with all the contemporary features that a best kitchen should have. Not only the right appliances, but you should also have the proper outline and design. Happy cooking!