Most Expensive Restaurants in Atlanta

Most Expensive Restaurants in Atlanta

Most Expensive Restaurants in Atlanta

Atlanta remains loyal in heart to its farm fresh green things, meat and egg inspired cuisine, but that does not mean, the entire food scene is just restricted to it. The eating out option in Atlanta, expands the gamut of, low end to high end restaurants, American joint to steak restaurant, or BBQ joint. Amidst the myriad options it can be difficult to cherry-pick the best one if somebody asked an eating out recommendation in Atlanta.

Round about more or less the best restaurants in Atlanta are likewise expensive and here is that list of ten most expensive restaurants in Atlanta.

1. Bacchanalia ($107 pp)


Enjoy the owner’s owned farm fresh fare at this 90 seat restaurant, which is seamless for celebrating special occasions. They offer five-course dinner that comes with two appetizer courses, a cheese course, an entree course followed by a dessert course.

2. Umi Sushi ($88 pp)


One of the hottest and the celebrity clad sushi restaurant in Atlanta, is run by Sushi master Fuyuhiko Ito, who is known for his elegant presentations of sashimi, nigiri and sushi rolls. It is expensive, but worth every penny for the enchanting experience.

3. Aria ($83 pp)

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Famous for contemporary American fare and delicious desserts, Aria is one of the modern yet classy restaurant in Atlanta. Aria is most sought after for special occasion something like date nights. The food here is known for its creativity.

4. Restaurant Eugene ($82 pp)

restaurant eugene

Classy upscale New American restaurant Eugene in Buckhead but with a Southern touch is upbeat for special occasions like romantic dinner or office parties. The chef Linton Hopkins offers a splendid menu which unfolds layers of flavour in a fantastic 

5. Bone’s ($78 pp)


6. Chops Lobster Bar ($75 pp)


7. BLT Steak ($62 pp)


8. Rathbun's ($62 pp)


9. 4th & Swift ($57 pp)

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10. Empire State South ($46 pp)


Give in to these restaurants and indulge your teeth and soul. For the ultimate foodies and for the hosts who indeed hunger to impress, the cost is zilch as it justifies the sumptuousness of food of these Most Expensive Restaurants in Atlanta.