Most Expensive Pets

Most Expensive Pets

Most Expensive Pets

From the dawn of civilization, animals became a trustworthy company of human being. Scenario has been changed over the decade; people left the jungle and being civilized but still animals are providing their owners physical benefits and emotional supports as pets. Though both dogs and cats are most favourite pet, some other animals are also in that favourite list.

There are some extreme pet loving people who don’t care about their pocket to have an exotic pet. Inter-specie breeding, genetic manipulation,  and incremental birth rates keep the number of some exotic pets low, and prices high. But this price is no matter for some rich people who take their pet as family member. And they love to share their lives with these rare creatures.

1. White Lion Cub ($140,000)

white lion cubs

White Lions are such a petty creation of nature.  A genetic malfunction causes them to be completely white. Though the price tag is so high for them but people love to spend time with this lovely cub. 

2. Chimpanzee ($60,000-$65,000)


Chimpanzees are extremely intelligent, very close to humans in a lot of ways, which can make your leisure period interesting. Though Chimpanzees may be adorable, due to their aggressive mood it needs extra care to keep chimpanzee as a pet.

3. Savannah Cat ($22,000)

savannah cat

The extremely intelligent savannah cat is the breed of a domesticated house cat and an African Serval. The price of a Savannah Cat is entirely reliant on the amount of Serval presence in its blood. It is actually difficult to breed savannah cat as it can take years.

4. Palm Cockatoo ($16,000)

palm cockatoo

A highly expensive bird that is familiar for its strange and interesting look. They have a very specific and rigid diet, made them costly to buy and very pricey to maintain. Due to their very slow breeding cycles and less breed captivity, desire of becoming a grandparent might be poor.

5. Hyacinth Macaw ($11,000)

hyacinth macaw

6. Camel ($10,000)


7. Capuchin Monkeys ($10,000)

capuchin monkeys

8. Pastel Butter Stripe Ball Python ($7,500)

pastel butter stripe ball python

9. Snow Macaque ($3,500)

snow macaque

10. The Bengal Cat ($3,000)

the bengal cat

Having an exotic pet is always interesting and a matter of pride. It may cut your pocket but give you a lot of fun. But you have to be extra careful to them as they are so expensive and a bit difficult to maintain.