10 Most Expensive Showers

10 Most Expensive Showers

10 Most Expensive Showers

It is not long ago when bathrooms were considered to be the most insignificant part of a house.These days, home-owners pay much attention to the decoration of bathrooms as well.

For bathroom decoration, some of the amazing current trends are marble wall panel, water saving toilets, fog-free mirror, and luxurious showers. If you are looking for extravagant bathroom decoration items, then here is a collection of 10 most expensive showers.

1. OS333F8 Steam Shower by Ariel Platinum ($ 3,000)

os333f8 steam shower by ariel platinum

It is a perfect combination of elegant design and attractive colours. The Oasis OS-333F8 steam shower is a large whirlpool bathtub unit having 6kw steam generator. It comes with a glass window in front of the bathtub, giving a dramatic effect to your showering area. It is available in markets in varying colors.

2. Ariel Platinum DZ959 Shower ($ 2,800)

ariel platinum dz959 shower

This is a steam shower with FM radio and several music accessories. The Ariel Platinum DZ959 shower is one of the ideal deals. It features a computer control panel that gives the users the opportunity to control internal temperature of the steam room. Moreover it has a built-in entertainment system and therapy lightings.

3. Oasis OS-972F8 Steam Shower ($ 2,700)

oasis os 972f8 steam showeroasis os 972f8 steam shower

It is a perfect steam shower by Oasis. It can be an excellent alternative to your traditional bath-tub. This is a special modular steam shower, featuring two stylish shower heads, one 6kw steam generator, teak accents and lots more. The unit can be installed in about two hours, and is entirely made of expensive glass.

4. Ameristeam P-219 ($ 2,500)

ameristeam p 219

5. Royal B-602 Steam Shower ($ 2,200)

royal b 602 steam shower

6. Ariel Platinum DS202 ($ 1,900)

ariel platinum ds202

7. Kohler Body Spa ($ 1,700)

kohler body spa

8. Bath Fitter ($ 1,500)


9. Aquapeutics U689 ($ 1,200)

aquapeutics u689

10. RainShower from Joerger ($ 1,000)

rainshower from joerger

If you live in an area with cold climate, some of the steam showers mentioned here are worth a try. They may be expensive but they add value and charm to your bathroom. So, be ready to amaze the guests with these stunning showers!