10 Most Expensive Jordans

10 Most Expensive Jordans

10 Most Expensive Jordans

We know Michael Jordan as an iconic baseball player. After a series of successes Jordan decided to launch his line of athletic shoes and sportswear. Air Jordan is one of the popular brands of the era. The shoes made under its name are informally referred to as Jordans.

The journey of this brand began when Nike first produced a pair for Michael Jordan back in 1984. Here is a list of 10 most expensive Jordans.

1. Jordan 12 (Flu Game) - $ 104,000 

jordan 12  flu game

At Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals, Jordan was having the lead and finally exploded for 15 points in one of the quarters. He dominated the game, and the moments were doubtlessly one of the most memorable. Jordan 12 (Flu Game), though very expensive, reminds us the time when Michael won many hearts with his game.

2. Jordan 12 OVO – $ 100,000

jordan 12 ovo

Here is a lovely pair of shoes. It has a very interesting history that involves an incident in which the pair was thrown to one of the female fans during Drake’s Extravaganza Night at the Toronto Raptors. After that, the pair of shoes was placed on sale.

3. Air Jordan 2 OG – $ 31,000

air jordan 2 og

This famous pair of shoes is very popular among the baseball lovers. With its 28-years of existence, it graces the inside of one of the sports and sneakers museums.

4. Air Jordan III OG – $ 4,500

air jordan iii og

5. Air Jordan VI (1992 Olympics) – $ 7,200

air jordan vi

6. Air Jordan V (SE) – $ 10,000

air jordan v

7. Air Jordan 11 Blackout – $ 11,267

air jordan 11 blackout

8. Air Jordan 10 OVO – $ 20,000

air jordan 10 ovo

9. Air Jordan 1 (1985 ASG) – $ 21,780

air jordan 1  1985 asg

10. Air Jordan 1 (Black and Gold) – $ 25,000

air jordan 1  black and gold

Every Jordan fan wants a pair of his shoes as memory, but only those with bulging pockets can afford them. Michael, his style and his shoes have been a cynosure in the history of baseball! From the time when Jordan would lace up the “Banned” model up to the times when he won several titles, his shoes were a source of envy.