Most Expensive Sports To Play

Most Expensive Sports To Play

Most Expensive Sports To Play

If you want to completely lose yourself to something and stop thinking about all that is trying to bring you down, sports is the only answer! The best thing about sports is that it is the nearest thing to excellence.

However, there are some sports which require a million buck to play, apart from the brilliance you exhibit as a player or your dedication to the sport. Here’s the list of the most expensive sports played only by a fortunate few!

1. The Whitianga Festival of Sports

the whitianga festival of sports

The Whitianga Festival of Speed is the costliest sport played in the world. It is organized yearly in New Zealand. It includes a variety of sports but one thing common in them all is that they all deal with speed.

2. Ski Jumping

ski jumping

In the second place we have something that is more popular than the first one, ski jumping. A professional ski jumper has to spend in the span of $100,000 annually. There is also the need of a horde of sponsors

3. Hot Air Balloon Racing

hot air balloon racing

Featuring third on this list of the most expensive sports played is hot balloon racing. It might remind you of the movie, “Around the World in 80 Days”. A hot balloon for one person is around $ 20,000 to own.

4. Bobsledding


Bobsledding, a team sport features fourth on our list of the most expensive sports played. The bobsleds alone are not low-priced and are priced at $25,000. It is also extremely tough to train. Building a bobsled run requires millions of dollars.

5. Wing Suiting

wing suiting

6. Pentathlon


7. Sailing


8. Formula 1

formula 1

9. Polo


So which one’s going to be the next sport you and your buddies will play? I know these sports on the list are too exceedingly priced. But saving up for these is extremely desirable and wanted, isn’t it? Happy playing!