Ways for Night-owls to Wake Early

Ways for Night-owls to Wake Early

Ways for Night-owls to Wake Early

Early to bed early to rise” would probably figure among the top imperishable clichés that we live by. Since our childhood, it is rooted into us by our mothers or guardians. But somehow many of us, sometimes intentionally or at times under day-to-day fluctuations, kick it aside to live the life of night at night. It is bountiful to rise in the morning.

Don’t worry! You still have time to get back your treasure of early waking. Here are ways for you –night-owls—to wake early.

1. Sleep is God. Go worship

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Tips to Sleep Better

It is Jim butcher, the novelist, who said so. But this idea would be making more sense when you make yourself sleep at a time of night that could enable you to rise in the morning refreshingly. So, make a habit of sleeping at morning-friendly right time of the night. If you are an atheist, even then you ought to be a devotee of sleep. One cannot deny this God.

2. Sleep is the best meditation

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Dalai lama, the Buddhist monk says that sleep is the best and easiest form of meditation. But the important thing to keep in mind is meditation gives best result when it is practiced in the appropriate time slot. So, do the meditation of sleep by rising early in the morning. Morning keenly waits for you each day to fill your day with freshness.

3. Exhaust yourself in the day

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The short-cut to get sleep is to exhausting oneself by working hard in the entire day. If you are completely washed out, then sleep descends upon you the way inspiration comes upon an artist. And then you are lost in the world of dreams. Sleep is itself a sort of natural intoxication. Children are generally found to be early risers and full of enthusiasm and energy. The reason is that they get a sound sleep at the right time. Now it’s your turn night-owls.

4. Romance with sleep

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Stress Management Techniques

Yes! You are right! I am telling you to romance with sleep. Submit yourself. Be punctual. Lose yourself in bed as a lover loses himself in the lap of his beloved. Stretch yourself on the bed the way you feel most comfortable and relaxing.

5. Self-honesty

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Ways to Get Motivated

This is the key to those who manage to wake early in the morning. On the bed, address and remind yourself that you really want to and have to wake in the morning. Your tone must be that of steadfast determination. Don’t deceive yourself here. Once your eyes open in the morning then don’t allow yourself to be greedy about 2-minute-more-sleep. Get out of the bed and enjoy the pleasure of breathing morning air.

Sleeping is a practice that demands its own code of discipline from the sleepers. In today’s fast-paced pressure-ridden life, one cannot afford to deprive oneself from experiencing the beauty of morning. A healthy sleep that lets you to open your eyes so that you could enjoy the pristine air of morning is a blessing. Though early to bed early to rise” has become clichéd but even then it is a golden cliché to fashion the life in a healthy way.