Dealing with Passive Aggression

Dealing with Passive Aggression

Dealing with Passive Aggression

Being around passive Aggressive people is a very difficult task. These people are usually the ones who don’t know how to express their emotions properly leaving the emotion of rage aside. Every problem has a solution.

When you are around a person with this trait then it can be dealt effectively through following tips:


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Value of Patience

The first step to deal with a person with passive aggression is to be patient around them so that you can understand what exactly is going on at that moment. Patience will give you the power of observing that person and dealing through the situation in an effective manner.

Listen and Observe

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Effective Listening

This is the best method to deal with a passive aggressive person. Observing will make you realize what the flaws of that person and then are you can go through his issues by listening to the whereabouts related to that situation.

Act not React

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Avoid Arguments

A very important thing you must remember is that you cannot make any change in the personality of a person but you can always change the way you “react” towards that person.


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It is true that no one fully understands one another, but still understanding someone is not a hectic task for the people who are keen observers. Through understanding that person you can reach to the core of the problem and solve it.

Proper Discussion

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Successfully Navigate Around Difficult Situations

Discussion is extremely essential as through a proper discussion only you can resolve the practical issues arising because of the passive aggressive person. It should always be done with reasonable patience.

Helping Hand

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Ways to Help Others

Instead of criticizing a passive aggressive person, one should listen and talk out the problem that person is having and then help his solve it so that his behaviour gets improved and from the next time; they perform their best.

Influence them

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Influencing a passive aggressive person will always be a boon to both of you. This way that person will not fall out of the task given to him at the last moment, but he will instead give his best if you influenced him to do so.

Interact on Regular Basis

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Sufficient interaction is necessary so that you have the situation in your control. Through regular interaction that person will not be able to bail out of the work as his habit and due to this pressure, he will do work on time.

It is always beneficial to have a positive outlook towards everything. Every situation can be dealt with presence of mind. Dealing with passive aggressive people is necessary to stop the negativity drainage.