Interested in Lucky Charms? 12 Charms that make you Wealthy

Interested in Lucky Charms? 12 Charms that make you Wealthy

Interested in Lucky Charms? 12 Charms that make you Wealthy

Some people fear their bank balance, some of relationships and some others have various problems for which they are unable to find a solution. This is where the lucky charms come in. Some people believe in it and some don’t. Let’s have a look 12 lucky charms that might let you an immense amount of wealth.

1. Cinnamon Sticks

According to some people, if you keep cinnamon sticks in your purse or wallet, it will bring you a steady income or at least make your credit card smell good. It is also useful in enhancing psychic powers and bringing healing, protection and love. It helps you to attract success.

2. Lentils

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Lentils also brings good luck charm for finance and they are eaten as the first meal of the New Year in Brazil for this reason. They are also considered lucky in Hungary where they are preferred in soup. When cooked, lentils plump with water which symbolizes growing wealth.

3. Goldfish


By keeping a goldfish in the aquarium of your house, it brings “positivity” and good luck. If you really want to follow this, you can keep 8 goldfishes with one black fish to remove bad luck. 

4. Three Keys

3 keys

By keeping three keys together, you can bring good luck to your house. It is because they open the door to health, wealth and love as well as you building door, apartment door, and car also.

5. Acorns

Acorns are told to be lucky in the following departments which are preserved youth, general prosperity and attraction towards opposite sex. This tree attracted lightning so it was sacred to Thor, a god who created thunder and lightning with his hammer and anvil.

6. Spiders 

Spiders help bring good luck in matters of trade and are good for weavers. If a spider would fall from its web, it was considered auspicious by ancient Chinese people. 

7. Alfalfa Spices


The alfalfa spices not to be confused with alfalfa sprouts are supposed to bring good luck in business, gambling and personal wealth.

8. A Redhead


Rubbing the head of a person with red hair is supposed to bring good luck but redheads also bring bad luck on certain specific occasions. However,  if you meet a redhead person on the first morning, it can bring bad luck to you as well.

9. White Socks

white socks

White socks might not be something very meaningful but they are Niall Horan’s, a well-known Irish song writer and guitarist, lucky charm and he is doing quite well in his life. It might not be very trustworthy but still one can try it.

10.  A Money Plant


A money plant is supposed to bring wealth to a house but not directly if you imagine it that way.

11. Bezoar


Found inside the intestines of goats, it is not found in everybody’s house but if you have one, you are lucky and it can also be useful in saving a person’s as it also protects a person from poison. It is found in the gut of an animal.

12. A Raccoon Penile Bone


This is also a very uncommon thing to be found just anywhere. The animal's penile bone is generally called a baculum but you need the baculum of a racoon otherwise the  bone holds no value. It is very useful in bringing good luck and fertility.

If you really want wealth to come and stay at your home for a longer period of time, then you can try these out these lucky charms and I hope that they will definitely work in your favour and bring immense wealth to your home to keep it happy and peaceful.