Tricks to Letting Go and Begin Anew

Tricks to Letting Go and Begin Anew

Tricks to Letting Go and Begin Anew

We all are equipped with enthusiasm in the initiation of every task. Everything seems a challenge to be won and accomplished. But, life is a series of ups and downs, success and failures. Even if we put in our best effort, it is not important that we achieve success every single time.

Therefore, our mind must also be accustomed to failures or atleast the bliss of ignorance. Following are the ways to find a release from the situation, when it seems difficult to proceed:

Change in Perception

change in perception

If the situation becomes too difficult to handle, then the way is to change our perception towards it. The thing that you used to find too worthy must be questioned and rationalized to see whether it held that much worth or not. See the situation from a different angle, to not to be sad at the failure to achieve it. Learn from the experience and head forward to something else and again put in similar efforts.

Altering Expectations


Whenever we conceive of a goal, we attach a sum of expectations to it. Expectations can be of a better life, career or something else. So, in case of finding it too difficult, first of all expectations must be detached and made distant. To resolve the conflict coming from the incompletion must be done through attaching our expectations to some other tasks without getting disheartened from the whole incident. 

Count positives

count positives

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Even if the task goes out of your hand and gets difficult to achieve, there is no harm in leaving it once in a while. But, it must be evaluated thoroughly. To feel optimistic again, one must look for the positives in the present situation. Whatever you learnt, the changes it brought in your approach, life etc. must not be overlooked to reap benefits from the whole issue.



Overcome Mental Barriers to get Relaxed

If the situation is too taxing for you then the time is to relax and feel easy about the whole thing. To trick out of the situation, one must deviate his mind. The energies that we have exhausted in a situation which now seems out of hand, must now be invested somewhere else. One can try various creative outlets such as painting, music or cooking. If that’s not what you are good at, then travel is a suitable alternative. The goal is just to deviate and then act on with complete force to some other task at hand. 



Overcome Stress

Some situations tire you completely and the brain exhausts. This reason also works as a deterrent in the completion of work. Thus, the way is to take up the track of rejuvenating your mind and body. Exercising, yoga, running, spa etc. can be the standard ways of refreshing yourself so that such situation does not happen in future. It also makes you think positive and enjoy the failures too. It takes your mind away from the stress of the situation. Feelings must be respected and all these activities attach you more to self and feelings and make you positively receptive to situations. 

‘Some goals are so worthy that even failure is glorious’ is not just a saying, it must be internalized to convince yourself that nothing is wrong in failure once in a while. We worry about the tasks as we think of future. Hence, the key is to live in the moment and act according to will and wisdom.