False Beliefs That Trick You Into Giving Up

False Beliefs That Trick You Into Giving Up

False Beliefs That Trick You Into Giving Up

What does it take to be successful? Why do some people achieve more than others? Is there a Bible for guaranteed success?

When you think of success, you might ponder on such questions. To answer these, I would like to say: No, there’s no magic formula for success. Nor is anyone doomed to be a failure in life.However, there are certain beliefs that either help or hinder you on your path to greatness. I’ll describe three such limiting beliefs that arrest your progress.

This is about how NOT to think if you want to be successful.

1. Things Are Not The Way I Want

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Set Smart Goals in Life

There are some ideals you hold about how your life should be. Certain conditions that you feel should be met so that you can move forward. These things are not directly related to your goal. But you may consider them a necessity for a successful life, also that without the fulfillment of these, you cannot work on your ambitions.

How does this affect your success: You are waiting for those conceptions to become reality. But since they are beyond your control, you are only wasting your time. You are giving external circumstances the power to affect your personal success. In fact, you are waiting for imaginary obstacles to move out of your way.

How to move on: Just accept things as they are. I know, it isn’t easy, but, nonetheless, give it a try. Instead of focusing on the ideals, focus on what you stand to gain despite the nagging problems, and make the best of your circumstances. Don’t let negatives thoughts of ‘how life should be’ stop you from making plans and taking steps towards your dreams.

2. I Don’t Have the Opportunity

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Improve Your Self Confidence

You are frustrated as you are not getting a chance. You’ve been waiting for so long that now you’re beginning to give up on your dreams. What you should know: When we say that we are not getting a chance, most of the time, what we are really implying is that we are not getting the kind of opportunity we want.

Maybe the path you do see is too long and indirect. Maybe the opportunity is so small that it won’t directly push you towards your success. Or probably, what you see is so different from what you want that you never considered it and simply walked passed it.

How to keep going: Start using any opportunity you get, no matter how insignificant. See things from a new perspective, without any preformed idea. You might just manage to find some hidden possibilities! 

Finally, don’t sit around waiting for the perfect opportunity to come to you. Convert every opportunity into a perfect one. If you decide to be open to change and adopt a positive attitude, you’ll be able to make great progress even with the most minimum of resources.

3. I Am Not Good Enough


Build Your Confidence

You consider yourself as simply not good enough. Your thoughts are clouded with fears, insecurities and self doubts. You keep thinking how you are incapable, and as to how your inefficiencies keep you from being your best. You believe that you’ll never be successful; that possibly you don’t even deserve it.

How to overcome this mind-block: Know that you are not in any way inferior. You may have limitations, but it is totally wrong to presume that you cannot overcome them. Believe in yourself, and believe that you can and will be successful. You deserve success!

Further steps to take: Understand your weaknesses and strive to eradicate them, rather than using them as excuses. Face your fears. Increase your knowledge. Improve your confidence and self esteem levels. Don’t let anyone else control your thoughts. Be with people who encourage and support your goals.

Working on your success is hard work. It’s normal for us to get doubtful or worried at times. But that shouldn’t stop you from achieving. With a little awareness, you can identify and remove any false beliefs that get in your way