Signs that you are being Passive Aggressive

Signs that you are being Passive Aggressive

Signs that you are being Passive Aggressive

Sometimes it is difficult to understand ourselves. We don’t actually know what we are from within. We cause certain people trouble and don’t understand why. Maybe it is because you are a person with passive aggression. If you want to find out this then go through the following traits of a passive aggressive person.

1. Unable to Express Emotions

unable to express emotions

If you are unable to say or express your emotions directly then you are a passive aggressive person. People like this are unable to say “no” or “i can’t do it” or “i am not willing to do it” and instead say yes, then at the end moment don’t do that task or don’t appear at the necessary moments as they promised.

2. Perpetual Negativity

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A passive aggressive person has endless negativity. They spread it everywhere. They make each optimistic situation unbearable due to the negative thoughts they have all the time. Their negative emotions are never ending due to lack of hope and faith in them.

3. Aggressive Behaviour

aggressive behaviour

It is natural to have an emotion of rage and aggression when things don’t work out. The reason behind it is a negative mind. A negative mind can never be successful as it can only attract failures. So due to loses, the person starts behaving in an aggressive manner.

4. Putting Blame on Others for Failures

putting blame on others for failures

A passive aggressive person is never having full concentration on anything due to the negative mind he has. Hence he is unable to have success and starts blaming others for the losses.

5. Misunderstood


A person with passive aggressive nature is always misunderstood even when he does something better as his habit is always in the mind of others. So these people are mostly misunderstood.

6. Unreasonable


These people are weird and unreasonable in serious situations as well as in normal ones. They can always find loopholes in anything and everything around them. Being unreasonable is a very common trait of someone being passive aggressive.

7. Always Exaggerating on Unfavourable Issues

always exaggerating on unfavourable issues

Their focus is always on negative aspects. Even if the situation is favourable, still their focus will only be on the negative side of the subject. This is the reason why the people with this trait are never successful in life.

8. Negative even in Good Times

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A passive aggressive person sees negative aspects in almost everything he goes through. Even if the times are favourable and good still he will be unsatisfied and will spread negativity.

A passive aggressive person is always negative because he has this negative nature as a habit. This type of people brings the business towards doom. It is always preferred to stay away from them and their negativity.