Make The Introvert-Extrovert Combo As Your Organizational Strength

Make The Introvert-Extrovert Combo As Your Organizational Strength

Make The Introvert-Extrovert Combo As Your Organizational Strength

Part of the beauty of an Introvert/Extrovert team is having someone you know will handle the things that drain you~~Anonymous

No doubt, your workplace is a blend of some widely different personalities. People from different backgrounds, attitudes and experiences work together to achieve some common business goals.

But, this huge diversity can broadly be categorized into two groups: Introverts and extroverts.

Each type has its strengths and weaknesses and can benefit or challenge your company, depending upon how well you handle both the varieties.

Many organizations fail to manage both effectively due to lack of understanding the needs of the different groups. In the corporate world, it is very obvious to make your perception of someone who is working isolatedly as a sluggish and uninterested body while for those socially agile personalities as a real investment.

But is it great for an organization if it is dominated with Extroverts?

The answer is NO.

Why? Isn’t that wonderful if the workplace is packed with some “soi-disant” enthusiastic and ambitious temperaments?

Not really! No one is superior over other when it comes to performance. Introverts can have tremendous concentration and problem-solving skills as compared to extroverts. They believe in being completely logical.

Therefore, it is very crucial to have a mixed bag of both in your organization to get assured of amazing productivity and results.

But now, the real question comes that how can you manage these widely distinctive groups without compromising the importance of one over other? What are the tips of the management style you should follow that will work for everyone? Here are some you can start with:

Dig Deeper to Determine the Right Tasks for Them:

It is pretty evident that introverts and extroverts both follow different approaches towards work and may or may not come up with the same result. Making yourself aware of the needs of both the groups can certainly help you manage them better and will also give you the clear image of real engines that are driving your business. For example, Extroverts can be very much comfortable with multitasking, frequent meetings, and interruptions. On the other hand, introverts may love to work quietly and prefer to focus on single task with deep research and understanding.

Once you know about their preferences, you can easily derive the factors that fuel them and enhance their performance.

Indulge and Evaluate Every Team Member:

Your team is a combination of a variety of people. With regular involvement with your team, you will be more likely to know who belongs to which category and whether someone is acting fake or is genuinely an introvert or extrovert. Ask questions to your team such as, what makes them comfortable while working? How many meetings can they attend in a day? Do they like deep researched work or multitasking? This will help you get better insights about every individual in the team.

Let Logic & Passion Co-exist:

After getting the insights about different team members with regular involvements, group them into teams with a right balance of introversion and extroversion. It will certainly help you lead them competently.

Since extroverts dominated team may lead to ego clashes and flimsy team spirit whereas introverts majority team can be lacking a shared team dynamism, therefore it is very important to make teams with appropriate balancing where the logic and enthusiasm can cordially co-exist!

Boost your employees’ confidence level:

Try to lift the confidence level of your employees by telling them how personality differences drive performances and increase the productivity of a team. Tell them the advantages of having both the temperaments in a team, so that nobody will suffer an inferiority complex. It is quite natural for introverts to feel that they are not as strong in expressing their views as extroverts, but they must be told that this is not a weakness, and they have many unique qualities of their own. At the same time, extroverts may also feel they are not given any detail-oriented task, so you must also tell them what they good at!

Extracting the essence of the discussion, it is very good to have a team with a great blend of both the personalities- extroverts and introverts to get excellent results. You just need to manage them efficiently. The above tips can certainly help you in achieving this, which will further lead to better business success.