Who are Extroverted Introverts

Who are Extroverted Introverts

Who are Extroverted Introverts

Extroverted introverts are those people who are very frank and outgoing but they also need some time alone. Most of them do not know what type of traits they have. These people can be sometimes completely extroverted and sometimes they would love to stay at home and read all day which shows that they are a little introvert.

1. Prefers Meaningful Conversations 

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Small talk is not very important to this type of personality. It makes them more uncomfortable, especially when it leads nowhere. They want to talk about something which is engaging and meaningful. They want to have a deep conversation and not a casual one. 

2. People Confuse them as an Extrovert

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Extrovert and extroverted introverts are almost same on the outer side, and you may be called an extrovert if you are an extroverted introvert. But there is a difference between them in their processing of world. Both of them have different world perspectives, so they see each other as different people. Extroverts focus on outside world, while the outgoing introverts are mostly introspective. 

3. Energy Level Depends on the Environment

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The people who are outgoing introverts need to recharge after using a large amount of social energy. Many people annoy an outgoing introvert and social settings are not easy for them. If they mix up with the crowd they can get the energy from human interactions. If they don’t, those interactions can drain their social batteries. And when the batteries are drained they become annoyed and withdraw in their shell.

4. Disliking Traditional Systems

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Most of the societal constructs are meant for the extrovert- from loud bars to large office spaces to the structure of the educational system despite of the fact that anywhere from half to one-third of the population is of an introverted nature. An outgoing introvert can feel distracted or vulnerable in overstimualting environments, so they start hating traditional systems.

5. Not Anti-social, but Selectively Social

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If one is an outgoing introvert, it becomes hard for them to meet the people they like. They might be very charming, but also introspective and reflective. They live inside their head but they can be a life at the party. It totally depends on the people who surround them. 

6. They can Bring life to a Party, but They Need Time to Warm Up

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They might enjoy being the center of attention but only in a controlled environment. They need time to warm up. They will not express their feelings and spill their life story when they are meeting someone for the first time. They do not have any interest or energy to prove themselves in the crowd of strangers. 

7. Coffee can be Counter-Productive for them

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Introverts should avoid caffeine before a big meeting or an important event because coffee can actually overstimulate their central nervous system that can cause them feel overwhelmed and exhausted instead of being excited and engaged.

8. Enjoy Listening to Others

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They enjoy listening to others because sometimes you want someone to listen to you. Even if they don’t have anything to say, they listen to you only because you are involved in the conversation. Listening to someone engages them because they feel important, like they are doing something good for someone. 

9. They Can be Alone Without Being Lonely

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There is a difference between being alone and lonely. They are alone because they choose to be alone .Being alone and spending time doing their own business makes them happy but being with people also makes them happy. Being lonely cannot satisfy anything and kills all the moods.

10. It's Really Hard to Get Them Out 

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They might regret getting up and leave their books and laptop behind. Then there is a second that might be fun and it will be a best time. There are nights when they don’t want to do anything and nights when they want to do everything.

So, here are the few traits of an extroverted introvert and see for yourself if you also one of them by going through these points.