8 Signs to Show You’re Passive Aggressive

8 Signs to Show You’re Passive Aggressive

8 Signs to Show You’re Passive Aggressive

At some point of life we all go through some kind of passive-aggressive behaviour. It is very easy to find this out when we it is happing around us but it is difficult to notice it when we are doing it. Having passive-aggressive behaviour does not mean you are bad. It is a kind of policy we use when we feel that we do not deserve to open up our minds to anyone or we get scared to be open and honest.

Are you having this kind of passive-aggressive nature? Find out with these signs.

1. Asking Hazard Based Queries

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If you are a typical passive aggressive kind of person then you may often as hazard based queries like are you ok? Or is that all? Such type of questions may create a defensive impact in the person who is listening.

2. Making Melancholy Statement

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It means you want to ask some question but you will not go direct way, you will ask it through some indirect questions. This may not leave the listener puzzled or uncomfortable. This may also include some insulting or sarcastic comments or questions.

3. Giving Roundabout Compliments

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Sometimes jealousy mixes with the passive aggressiveness. In this behaviour person instead of giving the right answer, says something aggressive or rude. This is little rude kind of attitude and one needs to feel apology for the same.

4. Keeping Quiet or just Ignoring

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In some cases passive aggressive people just do not give any answer and keep calm. This may make others feel wounding. Ignoring someone’s calls sms and not giving reply and not calling back or texting back is the right example of passive aggressive behaviour. This may make the other person feel angry and hence you should avoid doing this and start texting or calling back.

5. Drag your Feet


This is an advance form of ignoring. This includes extra time taken for lunch, extra leaves taken etc. This also includes carelessness. This also includes irresponsible behaviour.  This also includes talking on the personal phone call for a long time then it is not needed and where there is a lot of work to be done.

6. Leaving Out

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This is indirect kind of thing. For example if you do not like someone in the group then instead of  saying it directly you call the whole group  for lunch and do not call the person that you do not like. This may make that person feel very bad or he may also feel left or lost. Instead you can take directly and solve the matter.

7. Harming Someone


You are taking some extreme move related to leaving someone out is sabotaging her. For e.g., if you know that you friend is doing the diet to lose weight and you bring a cake for her to have will show that you are a passive aggressive.

8. Maintaining the Score


When someone forgets your special day or just does not attend any special event of you then naturally you may feel bad. Instead of speaking directly we try to take the revenge by doing the same and this is a kind of passive aggressiveness. For example you are not going for some party because they did not invite you for their event or just not to invite them as they did not come for any previous occasions. This is like keeping the score and not being sensible.


So are you a passive aggressive person? Check out with these top eight signs. If you are a passive aggressive person then try to eliminate the aggressiveness and try to maintain healthy relationship with everyone you come across.