How to interpret the Body Language of Generation Z

How to interpret the Body Language of Generation Z

How to interpret the Body Language of Generation Z

Neither did these kids grew up listening to the Beatles or the Pink Floyd nor they were the awkward teenagers with rage issues. They were the smart kids of the “smart” era of the smartphones, where posting photos on Instagram and updating status on Facebook marked the level of one’s interaction capability.

Yes, we are talking about the society built by the generation Z, who have a totally different which doesn’t know the real fun of the good old handshakes.

1. How the Changes are Reflected in the Ones From the X and Y

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There are so many people who have been in the workforce for years, but there was never an interruption on their level of interaction with the cell phone text messages or the tweets. This generation Z era people have been posting, messaging though the social apps and have so incoherently embodied this way of living, that they forget the real people existing on their sides. They are so deeply involved in these emotionless mobile phone screen, that when other older employees might ignore the message during the meeting, the new generation instantly comes at service because according to them “this is what you do”. And this is why we say that this era suffers from the basic level of interaction phobia.

2. Is it Really That Frightening to Talk to Real People?

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These people generally are full of confidence on smartphone to smartphone basis, but when it comes to real interaction they lack it. They are uncomfortable in the presence of other people. Even when they have someone to talk to a real person face to face, they take the high road of messaging someone.

Because this is a new thing to them, the asking of the person’s favorite color or favorite season or favorite football team, they rather use this technology as a shield to protect themselves from an actual conversation. But the real question is, does talking more helps to build a stronger relationship? Well, the answer would be a straight “no”.

3. Things They do, and Why They do Them?

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This new generation suffers from various kinds of trust issues of which they have an answer, no confrontation no problem. They use the tools like listening to music like all the time, playing instruments, doing math and so many other things just to avoid real talks to people. Even the small things like being mean to their classmates or colleagues are another way to hide their side which calls out loudly that they are insecure.

4. Understand their Way of Communication

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The busy lifestyle they see makes them either an introvert or an extrovert and one thing really cynical about the whole thing is no matter how much you try to mend the things, they develop their own way to communicate. Even if they love you deeply, they shall be carrying their phones around because they are a believer in multitasking.

With the entire era of generation Z inclined towards entrepreneurship, these people are more of the self motivated kind.

The time keeps changing and the way people interact, changes more frequently. But no one is to complaint, this is what happens when you put on so many layers of advancement for a better world, but the new world shall never forget the essence of how beautiful the world was. This time has its own perks, let’s say why not enjoy with these generation Z.