5 Ways You Can Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

5 Ways You Can Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

5 Ways You Can Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Any good relationship is the result of love, compassion, understanding, togetherness, and being there for each other. Sometimes, problems arise even when all of these things are taken care of.

Can you imagine what happens when you have to do all of this when you are in a long-distance relationship? It seems almost impossible, right? That’s why people say long-distance relationships are difficult. Some people are so apprehensive about them that they steer clear of them entirely.

But, being in a long-distance relationship is not all that bad and it is certainly manageable. There are people who have stayed away from each other for years together and their relationship is as strong as ever. Sometimes, when things don’t work we like to blame the situation. Long-distance relationship is one such theory where people like to blame the situation for their lack of love and understanding.

In this post, you’ll find out how you can make your long-distance relationship work, and even make it stronger.

Place yourself in Each Others' Shoes

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Misunderstandings and miscommunications are common in any relationship. However, their consequences become more apparent in a long-distance relationship. An important thing you could do to better understand each other is to put yourself in your partner’s shoes, before you judge them or react to what they say.  

For example, let’s assume that every day you speak with your partner at least 2-3 times over the phone or through any other medium. But off late, your partner is not able to attend or return all your calls. You barely manage to talk twice. She had informed you that she’d be busy this week. You are very understanding on the first day. But, on the second day you start to think that maybe you are not as important for her as she is to you. That’s when the problem begins.

Had you thought she must’ve indeed been very busy, you could have easily avoided all the negative thoughts that crossed your mind, which would eventually bring bitterness in your relationship.

Efforts Should be Equal


In a long-distance relationship, both partners should put in equal efforts to stay connected. Whether it’s travelling across cities or countries to meet each other or talking over Skype, both the partners should be equally willing to take the efforts. Technology has gifted us with so many options to stay connected these days, why not make use of them to enrich our relationships.

If it’s only one partner that’s doing all the hard work, he/she may think that the other one is not very serious about the relationship which may not be true at all. Hence, it is only fair to expect both the partners to make equal contributions in the relationship in all aspects.

Spice Up your Relationship with Surprises


Being far away from each other gives you so many opportunities to surprise your partner. You could just show up one morning at their door or send them gifts without any special occasion. Spice up your relationship with these little surprises and gestures. It will stay healthy and strong keeping you two together irrespective of the distance. Every relationship, long-distance or otherwise, needs such surprises on and off so that boredom doesn’t creep in.

Be There for Each Other at all Times

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When you are not physically around someone, it becomes very difficult to understand their emotions and feelings. Carefully try and listen to everything your partner tells you about their professional lives, family matters, about their needs and requirements, and their feelings. It’s extremely important to be there for your partner even when you are not physically present.

Try to understand their state of mind and if they are feeling too low, help them see the brighter side of things. Sometimes, your partner may not be very open about their problems considering you’re far away and they don’t want you to worry about them. Pay close attention to them and to what they’re saying.

Make your partner realize that they will always be your first priority.

Make your own rules, and follow them!


One major factor why most long-distance relationships fall apart is the comparison of present with the past when both partners lived together or in the same city. It would help if you realize that when you move away to different cities, things will never be the same. They would be different, but different doesn’t mean bad, either.

Set your own rules, for example, how often you’d meet each other, how much time you’d spend when you meet, for how long you’d be staying separately, and so on. And the most important thing is to follow the rules.

None of us would ever want to be in a long-distance relationship; however, at times circumstances give us no choice. If that happens, try to make your relationship work with mutual understanding. When there’s love, everything becomes easy and manageable. All the best!!!