Tricks that Good Salesmen Use to Read Body Language

Tricks that Good Salesmen Use to Read Body Language

Tricks that Good Salesmen Use to Read Body Language

Salespersons have to understand what are the likes and dislikes of their prospective customers. This makes a salesperson sell the products effectively to the customers. For selling products to the customers they should also understand the body language of the customers. Imagine you are a salesperson and you are trying to sell your product to a future customer. You  are communicating with him both verbally and non-verbally with body language.

When a salesman is trying to sell a product he happens to receive a lot of signals for acceptance or rejection of the particular product from the buyer. You can understand the positive signals from the eye movement of the customer, facial expressions, the movement of hand and leg movement. So the salesman should try to be intelligent enough to understand the non-verbal expression of his customers.

But, what are the tricks you should use as a  salesman to understand your customers?

Look at the Buyer's Eyes

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After you have completed the sales presentation, try to look at your future buyer's eyes. You will get an indication as to whether he is interested in the product or not.If his pupils dilate, that shows that he is extremely interested in the product. Even though he shows signs that he is not interested in the product, his eyes will go on looking at the product. This shows his interest in the product. This is one among the other tricks you should use as a salesman.

Understand the Positive and Negative Facial Expressions


When a person is interested in the product, he will smile at you and nod his head in appreciation of the attractive features of your product. From this, you can understand whether the prospective buyer is going to become a real buyer or not. If he is not interested he will frown, he will try to look away from you.

What does a Gesture Mean?


When you are trying to present your product to your customer and you see him using an open hand gesture, you can arrive at a conclusion that you are going to close the deal. If you see that the person is turning his face away or tighten the grip of his hands, then he is not interested in the product. At the time when your conversation is progressing, if he talks to you with an open hand, he is interested in your product. Instead, if he keeps his hands under the table, he is disinterested.

Notice Whether he Stands Close to you or Stands Away From You

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If a person is interested in your product, he will stand close to you. If he stands away from you understand that you are not going to close the deal. Staying close to you shows that he is interested to know more and more about the product you offer. If you happen to see an extra space between you and him, that means that you have to go without selling your product.

Legs Also Speak to You


When the person to whom you have offered the product sits with both the legs stretched to the front and it is kept crossed, he is interested in your product. On the contrary, if he keeps his legs away from you, it is a clear indication that he is not at all giving any heed to what you talk to him about the product.

These are the tricks used by an effective salesman to read the body language of the prospective buyers.