Benefits of Public Speaking

Benefits of Public Speaking

Benefits of Public Speaking

This story illustrates how important choice of words and language is when we want to truly connect with and move other people.  This is what I personally think public speaking is about. “Connecting and moving other people”  I know this because I`ve been involved in public speaking for quite some time now and have experienced these benefits, even though public speaking is listed as the number fear in the world.

People fear it more than they fear death. This means would rather die than stand in from of an audience and make a fool of ourselves. But we can turn that fear to motivation for leadership. People may laugh at you but you had the courage to stand and speak in front of a massive crowd. Because of that you are a winner.

1. It Increases Your Self Confidence

it increases your selfconfidence

As we all know that public speaking is the biggest of social fears, and sometimes surpasses the fears of snakes. Some people in a funeral would rather be in the casket than give a tribute.Take me for an example.  I’m not much of a chatter box.  And I was introduced to public speaking in high school, and in 2006 when I joined and volunteered at love life. I was in charge of implementing the love life motivational programme in my region in Mpumalanga province.

Being successful   at public speaking can give you the confidence you need to succeed in situations such, networking and meeting other people, job interviewing especially in situations where there’s more than one interviewer, interpersonal skills- winning people over to your way of thinking and dealing with bullies and difficult people.

2. It Increases Your Visibility

it increases your visibility

Demonstrating that you can correspond effectively with groups can help you in the work place. How?

You`ll get chosen over your colleagues to deliver presentations to management. Your managers will realize that you can make them look great. What's more, as a result it will raise awareness that you are management material or on the road to success since talking opportunities are held for those in the upper level of an organisation. The more people you speak to, the more they will know about you and your image.

3. It Increases Your Opportunities

it increases your opportunities

Colleagues who fear talking in groups or feel that they do not have the appeal that you have, will request that you help them with their presentations or even demand that you give the presentation. This will give you a tutoring association with somebody or even somebody somewhat over your level. In the work place, as you progress in your open public speaking aptitude, you may even get welcomed to talk in meetings, share your insight in workshops and address substantial groups of people.

I remember at my current work place.  I saw no room for growth in the department I was based at, and that was in my first learnership year 2009. And then one day I got so irritated that I went to my then manager in her office, I sat down and told her how I feel. I told her that I want to learn everyone`s job in my department, the whole process from opening and handling a file until it is closed and filed in the filing room. And guess what she said, “she just said that`s fine” then we will get another learner who will start where you started. 

By just speaking about what matters to me, I was able to Increase my self-confidence, Increase my visibility and increase my opportunity for personal growth.

This is how you learn and grow both in business and life. And the public speaking skills that you will gain will help groom you for success.