Top 7 Tips to Increase Your Patience

Top 7 Tips to Increase Your Patience

Top 7 Tips to Increase Your Patience

­When a person loses patience, he can get angry easily and may even go to the extent of committing a crime. People who are impatient are generally those people who get annoyed easily or make hasty decisions. Both can lead to undesirable consequences.

A person who has patience has also various other positive traits like self-control, kindness, gentleness, tolerance and humbleness. Any person would prefer to be with someone who is patient rather than the one who gets frustrated and upset easily. 

Do you want to build patience ?  Here are 7 Tips to Increase Your Patience :

1. How Often Do You Get Impatient?

how often do you get impatient

Do your friends complain that you are impatient or you get angry pretty quickly? You need to make a note of how often you get impatient in a day. You need to track this behaviour of yours for a week. This will make you understand how important it is for you to overcome the problem of impatience. It will for sure motivate you to put an end to this habit.

2. Analyze What Triggers you to lose Your Patience

analyze what triggers you to lose your patience

The above mentioned tip will also help you in finding out the triggering factor that causes you to lose patience. You need to analyze the study you did for a week and make a note of the activities, people, phrases and situations that influence you to become angry quickly. Once you have analyzed them, you can work towards controlling the factor/factors.

3. Examine Your Thoughts and Actions When You Lose Your Cool

xamine your thoughts and actions when you lose your cool

Another thing that you need to make a note of is the thoughts that come to your mind, the words that you utter from your mouth and the actions you do when you lose your cool. Examine this behaviour for a week as it will eventually assist you in bringing down your tension and impatience.

4. Review Your Evaluation

review your evaluation

Now that you have evaluated yourself for a week. It’s time to take steps to kill your impatience. Try your best to not to get angry instantly and start telling yourself to remain calm when undesirable situation comes in your way. You know the triggering factors for your impatience. Be prepared to deal with triggering events, peoples, phrases and situations by remaining calm and tolerant. Instead of talking rash words, learn to speak kind and gentle words.

5. Breathing Exercise to Kill Your Impatience

breathing exercise to kill your impatience

When something causes you to lose temper instantly, you should do something to control your anger at that very moment. One good exercise that will certainly help in killing your impatient behaviour is breathing exercise. When you lose your patience, you should try to take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Repeat it around five to ten times depending on the situation and it will relax your mind.

6. Count One to Ten

count one to ten

Unable to control your anger when you lose your temper? A simple exercise of counting one to ten the moment you get angry can cool you down.

7. Do Activities That Improves Patience

do activities that improves patience

In your spare time, you need to indulge in activities that will improve your patience. Reading books on positive thinking, growing plants, cooking, painting, play games with various levels of challenges, and so on are good activities that can increase your patience.