Upgrade Your Mind

Upgrade Your Mind

Upgrade Your Mind

Everything in your life deserves occasional upgrade. This is why we all purchase new clothes and get rid of the old ones. We know that looking good is almost an impossibility when you`re still hanging on to old stuff. To look good and feel better you need to upgrade your current image.

However, people sometimes focus on upgrading their gadgets, cell phone contracts and computer software; forgetting the most important upgrade of all. The Mind, a hip-hop artist once wrote, “The mind is a terrible thing to waste” and I agree with him. If our minds remain unused, we don`t grow. We become stagnant, and failing to move forward. Therefore, how do we upgrade the human mind?

Get In The Habit Of Reading Good Books

read good books

Must Read Books For Success

I have noticed that, the more books I read, the more informed, confident and educated I become. I have grown literally from reading books. Some of the most important subject in my life I have learned from other authors. I call them my mentors. My habit of purchasing and reading books has changed the way I look at my life. It has given me the motivation I need to succeed. I`ve never completed high school with a distinction, but ever since I started reading books. Things began to change, I passed every course I studied with distinctions and I now believe it will remain that way. I am not a failure and I can achieve any result I set my mind to. This has upgraded my knowledge capacity and train of thought.

Practice What You Read

practice what you reas

Art of Effective Reading

I have often heard people say; “Knowledge is power” It was also on our high school’s billboard at the entrance gate. I used to believe that was true until I started reading personal development books. I learned from Napoleon Hill`s; “Think And Grow Rich” that knowledge is only power when it is successfully applied. The only reason I`m hooked on reading personal development and self-help books is because I want to grow. I want to upgrade myself.

apply what you read

I don`t think it will be possible unless I begin to apply the knowledge I get from all the books I have read. I believe in reading and applying. Some people read and tell others about what they have read and not what they have learned. When you have read a good book you should not only remember what you read, but also the lessons you took from the book. Did effectively apply those lessons in your life? Or are you just like others, you read and put the book back on the book-shelf and forget about it for a while? You need to practice what read, so that when you fail, you fail forward.

dont stop reading

Unbelievably, I have also than the same with some of the books I bought. I`d read one or two chapters, and then put the book back on the shelf. The next thing I know, I go buying a new book leaving the other one unread; not having learned anything. I started to teach myself a new habit. Before buying a new book or reading a new book, I must ensure that I complete the one I have already started reading. I call my new “The habit of finishing what you start” in summary, what I do is, read a book; take some notes and quotes from the book. If the author gives me exercising at the end of a chapter I do them before moving on to the next chapter. I read a good book and practice what I have read.

 “The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change.” - Bill Clinton?

Most people don`t like reading much because once they finish high school or university studies they never feel the need to pick up a book again. They end up downgrading and no wonder why there are so many people with degrees but with no luck of finding employment. They thought once they got the qualification, then it will qualify them for anything in life. They thought wrong, reading and learning never stops and that the secret to continually upgrading your life and yourself as an individual, you read learn and apply the knowledge.