Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

The word ‘emotional’ refers to the feelings of a person, and ‘intelligence’ is the ability to acquire and apply different skills. Thus, emotional intelligence means to control your feelings and to react in a proper way in different situations. There are many people who have a good control on their emotions. The following are the signs to identify emotional intelligence:

The following are the signs to identify emotional intelligence:

1. Doesn’t Let Anyone Spoil Their Mood

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Few people don’t like the good environment and try to spoil it by their arrogant and aggressive behaviour. We all come across with these people, but if you have enough control, then you won’t let them spoil your mood by ignoring them.

2. Stay Positive


See the world with a positive vision. It will always work to have a good emotional control. You’ll be able to do things easily and happily.

3. Be Grateful

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Don’t think about the things which you don’t have. Always be thankful for all the blessings you have been provided in your life.

4. Self Analyzation

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It helps the person to know more about him so that one can control his emotional state efficiently.

5. Not Violent

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People with high emotional intelligence are well aware of how to react in different situations. They don’t get aggressive and hyper when things don’t go their way.

6. Saying No

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They know how and when to say ‘NO’ to others. This helps them to live life peacefully by eliminating the chances of taking wrong decisions.

7. Forgiving

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These people do not keep on thinking about the past. They forgive people for their wrongdoings and move on to have a brighter future.

8. Want to Know More About Others

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People who love to know more about others try to learn from others’ experiences. They interact with others and try to know more about them.

9. Loves Change

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Changes are a part of life, and those people who have good control over their emotions appreciates these changes because they know about its importance.

10. Knows well about Self

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Knowing about own strengths and weaknesses helps you to get better control over your emotions.

11. Helpful Personality

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These people love to help others as they have a positive attitude towards life. They feel that helping others is their duty and a way of living a peaceful life.

12. Doesn not expect much from others

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Helping others but not expecting anything in return is one of their biggest qualities.

13. Let go your Conflicts

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We all fight and get involved in a conflict and keep grudges with those people. However, people with high emotional intelligence easily let go their conflicts to bring peace in their mind.

14. Ignores Negative People

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We meet many people who force you to think negatively about your life. But people with high emotional intelligence usually ignore them and continue to move on their right track.

15. Confident

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It is the most common trait found in these people. They are very much confident about themselves and feel that they can do things properly at any point in time. However, they are very alert so their confidence won’t turn into overconfidence.

Having a very good control over your emotions is not very tough. The above mentioned are the signs that are found in people with high emotional control. So do check it out if you have it or not. If you lack to have a good control over your emotions, then try to build it. It will help you for your growth in the future.