14 Mistakes in Body Language to Avoid During Interviews

14 Mistakes in Body Language to Avoid During Interviews

14 Mistakes in Body Language to Avoid During Interviews

Not only is your caliber tested by answering questions in the interviews but also your etiquettes. For this, your body language plays a pivotal role. You are under observation right from the very moment you enter the room. Your body language has a lot to tell about your personality. If you want to come out with flying colors from the interview, avoid the given mistakes regarding body language while giving interviews.

1. Avoid The Brooding Look

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There should be a pleasant smile on your face as you enter the room for an interview which not only reflects your confidence but also your compatibility with others.

2. Avoid A Weak Handshake

It is a signal of lacking confidence and your nervousness.  It should be firm and not too tight or too loose.

3. Avoid Shifting Eyes

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Eye contact is the most significant during interviews. Looking down or looking here and there not only reflects your lack of confidence but also shows that either you are giving false information or hiding something.

4. Avoid Touching Things

Do not touch things kept on the table in front of you. It gives a negative impression. You should concentrate on what you are answering.

5. Avoid Touching your Face

After all, it’s a formal interview. Talking, touching your face or scratching legs and hands or face is another sign of nervousness.

6. Avoid Slouching

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Sitting casually with stretched legs or hunched back gives an impression that you are in a very relaxed mood and also a bit lazy.

7. Avoid Fidgeting

Do not play with your papers or your file or arrange your papers in front of the interviewer. This shows that you have not come prepared for the interview.

8. Avoid Hand Gestures

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Moving hands too much or talking with actions should also be avoided as it seems you are not giving an interview but talking to your friends.

9. Avoid being a bad listener

Give heed to the interviewer so that you don’t misinterpret the questions being asked. Give relevant answers as that is what the interviewer is looking for.

10. Avoid Phone Calls

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Do switch off your mobiles as it will distract you and also at the same time leave a negative impact on others. It is also a sign of disrespect.

11. Avoid Putting Hands in the Pocket

As you know that putting hands in the pocket is a gesture of arrogance so either fold your arms or put your hands on your lap giving a submissive look as it is you who is need of a job.

12. Avoid Looking Here and There

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This portrays an impression that you lack interest in whatever the interviewer is saying; obviously, this will have a negative impression, and you’ll have meager chances of being selected.

13.  Avoid putting your leg over the other leg

 It is no doubt that your sitting posture matters a lot. Sitting with your leg over the other leg or legs apart is not the way to sit before your interviewer. It shows the lack of etiquette.

14. Avoid unpleasant tone

Believe it or not, but the way you speak makes a huge difference to how the other person understands you. So, maintain a good and steady rate of speech during the interview.