Impressive History of the Law of Attraction

In the early 19th century, this concept was introduced by Phineas Quimbly. He did not use the term ‘law of attraction’ but what he introduced to the world was on the same theme. Later in the year 1877; Helena Blavatsky wrote a book where she explained the law of attraction.

Like Attracts Like

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Its basic concept was related to health. The law of attraction states that like attracts like i.e. if you think positive then positive; things will start happening in your life. We have all the power within us. We are the cure as well as the disease. It is all up to you what you chose to be.

The Frequency of an Individual


According to the law of attraction, everyone has a frequency. And the type of frequency you send to the universe; the like things start to happen to you.If your frequency is of an extremely happy person then your frequency will match with the frequency of the situations which would make a person extremely happy. Then all the positive things will start happening in your life which would make a person positive.

The Universe


The law of attraction is connected with the universe. A person has the power to make his life successful as well as the power to doom his life in hell. The mind is what places the most important role. Whatever you think will ultimately become your reality in the future. Whatever you are right now is the result of the kind of thoughts you had in your past.

The Secret (Book)


The exposure to the concept of the law of attraction escalated after the release of the book The Secret. It has a wide part which explains this law and how this law changed the lives of numerous people. This law is extremely effective and it is clearly proved in this book. This book was released in the year 2006 and its movie was released in the year 2007.

The whole world now knows about this law. There are numerous people who believe in this law and these are some who have doubts about it. The Secret clearly states that; this law will work only if you believe in the secret. If you will question it; then the law won’t work.

The law of attraction is believed to be perpetual i.e. it never ends and is always in action. Everything you do is and things you think will affect your life.

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