Anger management

Anger management

Anger management

Anger is the cause for many of the problems in the recent times, managing anger can turn into simple solution for direct and indirect issues in day to day life.

1. Stay calm until the heat goes down

Keep calm, the only way to pacify your anger. Staying calm will make you to post pone your reactions or sometimes kill them. It can sometimes even offer a solution for your problems. The more time you keep calm, the higher time you can manage actually can manage your anger.

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'Reaction time' is all tells about anyone's anger and it is solely responsible for all the angry reactions. Whenever there is possibility to get anger, that 'Reaction time' is key in deciding the intensity or impact of the anger.So the best way to manage your anger is to give some time for your 'Reaction time' to cool down, by not reacting for that situation. It may hurt intitially, but staying calm can in fact takes lesser energy consumed when compared to showing out your anger.

2. Try to look for alternatives that can let your anger out Always, if life can be seen or felt in a perspective other than the routine

The sole purpose of anger is to let out the dissatisfaction inside you in the form of physical or verbal deeds. If and only if the ways of letting out anger are changed most of the problems that occur through anger can be solved.


The better way is to search for alternatives that can help you let anger out. For example if you are angry upon someone, just try to bounce a tennis ball in your room to the wall, it can help you not only for letting out the anger, but can become a strong alternative to deviate your mind from getting angry and save many things for you.

3. Try to let out anger with the other person, but in a passive way justifying your rage

The most direct and best method is to let out one's anger is to try justifying the reasons for anger and putting the same in words.

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Discussion makes you step down of that angry state and even improves your relation with the other person with whom you are into some dispute. This can be considered as one of the alternatives to pass out your anger.

4. Try to laugh out or give a smile

You all might know it already, if you laugh out as much as you get anger it have 2x more times chance to get your anger decreased. Initially people might think you are gone mad but later on they may realize the importance of your smile at the peak times of anger.


Laugh or smile would give you that space to adjust yourself for the situation and move on without hurting yourself or others. Interesting fact about it is that, a laugh or smile is potential to show some way for solution for the situation.

5. Look for solution that can bring your anger down

This is somewhat new and unusual compared to the all of the above. Yes, doing something unusual and doing things never expected before could bring your anger down for sure. Just like if you get angry upon the other person and you would like to slap them, try to change the routine by giving a hug instead of angry reaction.

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This may change the temarature of the whole situation and turn things cool. These unusual things may differ with the situation and the person who is opposite to you. It might not look appropriate if you hug your boss while you are arguing with him or her, instead it may worsen things for you. Just to act smart as per the situation is the whole theme of it.

The above may not be limited methods but one of the best practised ways for anger management. Writing this article also has been one of effective ways for me to control my anger.