How to Find Out if your Long Distance Relationship is Worth the Effort

How to Find Out if your Long Distance Relationship is Worth the Effort

How to Find Out if your Long Distance Relationship is Worth the Effort

Falling and rising in love is not important but maintaining that love is really important. If you are in a long distance relationship things get a little complicated. So it is really important to understand whether the relationship can be continued further or not. So here are few signs which tell you whether your relationship is going right or not.

Not Enough Communication

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Lack of touch cannot be compensated with technology. You can message your partner through WhatsApp, Facebook etc. but you will start feeling bored of this. It’s like dragging your relationship. If you have been in a long distance relationship for a long period then it is possible to last otherwise it may drift you apart slowly.


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Being possessive about your partner is good but over possessiveness is not good for both. If you keep on pestering each other about each other’s whereabouts and keep on calling each other without any reason one day you will be pissed off and the relation might take an ugly turn.


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Cheating is convenient for both the partners in a long distance relationship. You keep telling yourself that its alright until she doesn’t discovers it. Your loyalty and commitment towards each other may stray anytime. Even under direct supervision, monogamy is a challenge. You can be with someone if your partner is not with you for long period of time.

Assurance of Future Together

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You don’t have any clue when you will next meet your partner. Your lifestyle, priorities and preferences change and not just ZIP codes. Both the lives run on parallel tracks and never meet. You would want to shift in with your partner but leaving everything without planning is not good. A sense of togetherness is very important in a relationship. Long term commitments are difficult to make and harder to follow.

Time Lag in Communication

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Long distance relationships become even more difficult to cope up when two people live in different countries altogether. When you are awake she might be sleeping or when she is awake you’re sleeping. She will send you a mail urgently and you will reply to it only when you are awake. After some time you will not take interest in her life, friends etc.

Holding on to it Unnecessarily

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You have broken up five times in the past few days. Even though you make up, you are tired of this arguing and fighting. Whenever you would talk, both of you will fight on unnecessary issues are irrelevant. You’re holding together because you don’t want to break each other’s hearts. But it is not helping you. So just try to walk out of the relationship rather than sticking on to it.

Trust Issues

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Long-distance relationships are prone to trust issues. People change over time. Since the communication between two people isn’t reliable enough, you will always be under suspicion regarding the loyalty and seriousness towards the relationship. Without trust, relationship means nothing.

So, if your relationship is going through these type of symptoms, then it is high time for you to take a decision of commitment towards your partner.