How to Know Your Long Distance Relationship is in Trouble

How to Know Your Long Distance Relationship is in Trouble

How to Know Your Long Distance Relationship is in Trouble

Relationships are difficult, Long Distance Relationships are even more so. It’s easy to know when your relationship is not going well if you are meeting regularly but what if you aren’t meeting your partner like any other couple. The reason being is you both are far away from each other, so it’s kind of hard to see each other once a week or even a month.

And there are very not-so-subtle hints or ways from which you can know that your long distance relationship is in a deep pit of trouble.

1. Numerous Phone Calls

numerous phone calls

A Phone call to know about your well being is never bothering, but when these one phone call turns into 20 phone calls in a day that’s when you’ll know that there’s trouble in your paradise. Every time you step out of the house your phone starts ringing and your partner just after picking up showers you with all these questions including, where you’ve been, where you are going, who you are going with, etc. These  phone calls is a sign of distrust i.e. your partner doesn’t trust you enough anymore.

2. More Arguments

too many arguments

Every couple argues, that is not something you need to worry but when there are more arguments and less conversation than is the time for you to take a step back and see what’s really going on in your LDR. Frequent arguments are a sign of diminishing of passion in both of you, especially when the fights are on little irrelevant matters.

3. Too Many Excuses

too many excuses

It sometimes gets hard for one to take some time off to have a pleasant conversation with your better half when you are miles away. But these days all you hear from the other side is a number of excuses which proves that he/she is no longer interested in giving their precious time to you and are no longer in love with you.

4. No Excitement in Meeting

img 4

Seeing someone you love brings the largest kind of joy in you, and that’ how you used to feel some time before. And now you are no longer excited for their next visit, which is probably the sign of feeling being faded away. You no longer care if days go by without seeing them; you are completely fine with it.

5. Relationship is now More like an Obligation

relation obligation

Relationships were seemed to be more fun and joyous and not like some chore or some homework. And if this relationship is feeling more like an obligation than that’s a red flag to finally end this relationship rather than making it worse. Talking to your partner shouldn’t feel like some appointment is scheduled, it should not be an obligation but your own wish.

6. Back in the Friend Zone

img 6

You have worked a lot to reach a state where the person whom you love finally can see you as his/her lover and not just a good friend. But now that you’ve finally got what you want, you are being brought back to that deadly friend zone. If your partner is talking to you more like a friend than a lover than it’s time to call it quits.

These are some red flags that indicate the doom of this Long Distance Relationship and suggests you to finally move on