5 Things to Remember in a Long Distance Relationship

5 Things to Remember in a Long Distance Relationship

5 Things to Remember in a Long Distance Relationship

Love takes a back seat to educational pursuits, familial responsibilities and career opportunities. Long-distance relationships are not easy. You can’t help feeling that emptiness and disconnection. You keep wondering how long you can keep trying to make it last forever. Feelings of doubt and anxiety keep nagging your mind in long distance relationships.

However, long distance relationships are not without upsides. Distance and time apart make you appreciate each other when you get together. You value the time spent together and each minute counts. If you are both equally committed to each other, it’s not as hard as you think it is to make your long distance relationship work for you.

Here are five things to remember in a long distance relationship which will keep your love strong and alive.

1. A Relationship Need not be Perfect But It Has to be Worth It

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Love is the strongest force in the world and it knows no distance. Hard work and commitment are all you need to overcome all the obstacles that you come across in a long distance relationship. Through all those hardships and emotions, the sadness and the loneliness you feel being physically apart from each other, at the end of the day, you know you are not alone.

There is someone who is miles away feeling just the way you do. Remember that with all the imperfections in your relationship, the special bond you share with each other is absolutely worth it.

2. Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

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Distance and time apart actually make you appreciate each other more when you are actually together. Every touch, every cuddle, and every hug is remembered with gratitude. Separation after spending time together is heart wrenching but then it makes the next reunion more blissful. You start looking forward to the days you are going to be together again.

Once you are away from each other, you start reflecting on your relationship. It helps you realize how much you mean to each other which in turn, it strengthens the bond between you and your partner.

3. Stay Honest

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Be honest with each other and share all your feelings as much as possible. Express your concerns, fears, anxieties, insecurities, and jealousy. Do not try and solve all your issues on your own. Let your partner extend his or her support. Hiding matters of concern in your life from each other will create problems later when they come out in the open.

Hence stay open and honest. Sharing mundane things makes you both feel loved and attended to.

4. Do Text, But Actual Conversations are Even More Better

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Technology is quite advanced but when it comes to emoting, we are just the same as ever. True intimacy requires deeply intense conversations over the phone. Hearing each other’s voices makes you feel more connected emotionally. Make those short phone calls whenever possible.

Do not take each other for granted by making excuses like being busy at work for not making that phone call.

5. Trust and Commitment

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Distance teaches you to give space to each other. Being overly suspicious of your partner can ruin your relationship. Constantly getting paranoid when you can’t reach each other will drive you crazy. Negativity, constant interrogation, and mistrust might drift you apart. Stay committed to each other and put in constant efforts to make your relationship work for you.

Long distance relationships may not work for everyone but it’s a fact that many of us who are in long distance relationships, become more compromising, less stubborn and more appreciative of each other’s thoughtfulness. Studies have discovered that long distance couples are more emotionally closer compared to those who stay together; hence, do not despair if you are forced to live geographically apart.