9 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Never Do

9 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Never Do

9 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Never Do

Emotionally intelligent people are those who are capable enough of handling  their own emotions efficiently. Having a high IQ is nothing if  not for emotional intelligence. Emotionally intelligent people are not only talented in controlling their own emotions but also tend to positively influence others. They are people who have a placid disposition. They have the ability or talent to turn enemies into allies.

This discussion will help you to understand who are emotionally intelligent people and what are the things they normally avoid doing.

1. They are not Affected by Emotional Turmoil

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Emotionally intelligent people are not  easily carried away by some sudden outburst of emotions. For example, if owing to the bad weather their flight is canceled and they come to know about this only after reaching the airport. They remain calm and control their emotions. They cooperate with the airport authorities for the alternative arrangements done by them. This is because they are able to understand the situation correctly and acclimatize accordingly.

2. They don't Forget to talk to Themselves

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These people are deeply concerned about what others feel and at the same time communicate regularly with themselves to find out how they feel about a situation. This will help to control them better.

3. They don't Liase with Pessimists

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Pessimists are people who tend to ruin their lives and also other's with their negative attitude towards life. So when emotionally intelligent people happen to meet such people they gradually desert them to keep themselves safe from such people. Because these people spread the epidemic called negative energy  to others.

4. They don't waste time Accusing Others:

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These people take the onus for themselves. They don't unnecessarily blame others of their own mistakes. People who have real guts can only accept their own faults.

5. They don't Burst Out when Things Go out of Their Control

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Imagine you are driving your car. Somebody comes and hits you. How will you react in such a situation? You become angry at the person who did that. But emotionally intelligent people are mature enough to understand nothing happens by shouting at others. So they remain cool in such a situation.

6. They don't Stay their Hands Tied in the Worst Situation:

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When something happens because of which another person is affected, emotionally intelligent people talk to them and do their maximum to make things better. They work hard to rectify their mistakes when they go wrong. They are really brave people.

7. They don't Ignore the Small Spark which Causes a Disaster

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Those who are capable enough to control their own emotions can very well make out the provocation which forces them to lose their control. So they constantly keep their feelings in control which  invigorate a negative behavior in them. They are emotionally balanced people.

8. They don't Stay in the Company of Emotionally Immature People


They purposefully avoid socializing with people who are not emotionally intelligent. Friends are people who make or destroy you. So they skip out on people who are not emotionally mature.

9. They don't Escape Questions when Asked

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When people who are not emotionally intelligent is asked about something, they tend to avoid or neglect the question. The reason is that they have the fear of being criticized. But emotionally intelligent people face questions with courage. They don't wait for the situations. Instead, they make use of every situation they get.

These are the 9 things which emotionally intelligent people avoid doing. You can also apply these things to yourself to check whether you are an emotionally intelligent person.