Highly Valued Interpersonal Skills of Very Likeable People

Highly Valued Interpersonal Skills of Very Likeable People

Highly Valued Interpersonal Skills of Very Likeable People

It is not, that the person, who interacts well with everyone, is an indication of having interpersonal skills. It is in fact the one who is able to demonstrate empathy, establish rapport, to listen well and with whom the customers want to do more business. Likeable people do not prefer to win unstated competitions with people they meet.

But the tact of bringing the people together and the closeness are the skills of the likeable people, which is very crucial for success in today’s collaborative and knowledge based business environment.

Showing Vulnerability

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Likeable people are confident and do not fear defeats, but willingly accept failure or a weakness. They even have the guts to appreciate and compliment their opponent. They work hard, after all life is all about winning. They do not hesitate to show a little vulnerability and are self assured and optimists.

They Look for Agreement

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It is easy to go contrary and look for points of disagreement, rather than the points of agreement, and is easy to take different sides which can end up in an argument as we are trained to challenge, discuss and advocate which leads to difference of opinions. But likeable people knowingly or unknowingly don’t actively like to disagree, but look for an agreement or a midway and gently share a different point of view, and help to foster an outstanding conversation.

Common Gestures of Likeable People

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They are genuinely glad to meet you and give importance to you by respecting your point of view, your experience and your opinion, even if he does not agree with you but will still respect you. Apart from this, they maintain eye contact and focus on you and tune in with your gestures. The essence of likeability is bonding as the feedback loop helps two people to bond with each other well. They treat everyone in the same manner in terms of kindness and respect. Likeable people admit their mistakes and even don’t mind laughing at themselves.

Open Mindedness

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 Likeable people are frank, and have a knack for getting you also to speak openly by asking open ended questions. They sincerely want to make you feel at home, and that makes you to more open up to a surprising degree. You will feel like on top of the world while interacting with them and in this process make you feel likeable too.

Being Polite and Acknowledging Small Favors

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Simple words, like “thank you”, “sorry”, “please” might be technically unnecessary but if you want to be more fascinating and charismatic. These small favors are invaluable. They approve appreciation and pay it back verbally, no matter the class and standard of the person.

Offering Assistance

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Truly likeable people prefer to share useful information rather than hoarding  them, as some people think that by doing this, they become more powerful. They look for chances to help their community, families and small moments in their day to day life, holding their doors open for everyone. They give sincere compliments which are not obsequious or bashful.


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No matter what the challenges are, they are always confident, and approach the problem with calmness, curiosity and confidence. As they have faith in others also, they say a few words of encouragement which makes them more likeable.

Even many rude, impolite, and blunt people are extremely successful, but it’s a fact that we will prefer to do business and build personal and professional relationship with people whom we admire. We are naturally attracted towards people who are modest, polite, and agreeable who are genuinely likeable.