Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationship

Relationship - A social as well as Personal Bond

Every relationship has ups and downs, and the key is to manage the bumps and keeps the love life flowing. They are not destiny, but they appear patterns relating to others. Relationships fail due to a number of reasons and one that is cause for a physical stress. You have to work consciously to master the skills and make them flourish.

Long Distance Relationship

long distance relationship

A long distance relationship is one where the partners are separated from one other by a distance. The partners facing geographical separation and lack face to face contact. Long distance relationships though continue to be an understudied phenomenon. There are many situations when one cannot meet his/her partner personally, but the relationship is still there. Like the normal relations, this particular relationship also have to face many ups and downs. The following challenges are encountered in a long distance relationship:

  • Increase in financial burdens to maintain relationships
  • Difficulty in judging a relationship due to distance.
  • High expectations among partners.
  • You need to stay focused and live in the hope that you will stay together

In a long distance relationship, you require to share your feeling with a reason. You need to know your partner the reasons on why you are feeling miserable and do not be silent and suffer. One also needs to make a conscious effort to be happy and at the same time, you need to be support and respective towards each other.

Long Distance Relationships FAQ

long distance relationships faq

Most of us will have a standard viewpoint on the fact that long distance relationships can be tricky. But many people don’t agree to it. You can develop a healthy and fulfilling long distance relationship by understanding a few basic facts:

What is a long distance relationship?

Long distance relationship is a relationship where people are separated by considerable distance. These relations can be romantic and unromantic in nature. Out of the both romantic long distance relationships are popular in stature.

How common are long distance relationships?

Newlyweds have a great chance of being in a long distance relationship early in their lives with one study of 600 couples showing that 1 in 10 was in a long distance relationship during some portion of their life during the first three years. Compared to 2000, more people are in a long distance relationship currently.

Is long distance relationship same as an online relation?

The answer is a big NO. Online relationship is one where people have met through the online platforms and are continuing their relation. Most of the long distance relationships start online, and both of them are not on the same end. However, in the long run, there are many incidents of people migrating to each other’s location.

Do long distance relationships work?

Contrary to what people believe, long distance relationships do not break up as compared to traditional or geographically close couples. Research points to the fact that close couples find the same rate of breaking up over time. As the partners live separate, there are not so many chances of conflicts and hence the relations last longer.

Do couples in long distance relationships have less satisfying relations?

Multiple studies have been conducted on this topic. Most of the research were centered on relationship quality, and they compared the couples to those who were in geographically close relationships. The couples in long distance relationships have gone on to report the same levels of trust, intimacy and commitment as geographically close couples.

How often should the partners visit each other in a long distance relationship?

It is one of the major demographics of a long distance relationship. It can be easily quantified on how far the couples leave from each other, how often they visit or call one another. It also includes on how geographically close they were to one another before they got separated.

In long distance relationships do the partners cheat?

One of the worrying signs of partners in a long distance relationship is whether your partner will cheat if you are away. The risk of an affair is more related to the quality of relationship one is having between the couples along with the personalities involved. Research says that you cannot keep an eye on your partner always, and long distance couples are more prone to affairs that geographically close couples. Evidence points that the chances of cheating increase when you are in a long distance relationship.

What is the biggest challenge in a long distance relationship?

One of the most important aspects of a long distance relationship is maintaining the art of being simple apart from the other’s life. Couples that meet once in a week or month have a greater chance of being disconnected from the other half.

What are the various types of Long distance relationships?

There are many types of long distance relationships, and they can be broadly classified by the following criteria’s

  • Romantic relationships
  • Family relationships
  • Friendships

There are more types of long distance relationships which can fit in those categories.

Would anyone choose to be in a romantic long distance relationship?

Unexpectedly most couples want to be in a long distance relationship. Rather than breaking off all ties, they choose to be in the relationship encountering the short distance. In most relationships, the couples expect the distance to end within a short period.

How to survive a Long Distance Relationship?

staying in contact

When you think of sustaining a long-distance relationship what comes to your mind? Do you encounter positive or negative emotions? Whether you are in a long distance relationship or have been in one the key for both, you are to be on the same page. Being in a relationship is a challenge, but it is worthwhile if you are committed to be in a relationship. It can either bring both of you together or can make you drift apart.

Commitment is one of the most important qualities in a long-term relationship. It requires both the parties to be committed and develop the relationship over the course of time. Long distance relationships come with their own positives along with negatives. Trust on a partner is the base of any relationship, and it always suggested that you look up to your meetings.

The minute you stop each other’s company you are bound to be stuck in an emotional saga. A lot of long distance couples create expectations that they should have a certain number of calls or interactions in a day.

Communication should be unconditionally, and you talk to the other person if you want to and not because you have to. If that means not communicating for a couple of days, so be it. If you communicate too often, it will seem meaningless, and the best bet would be to make it optional. Doing this though will require a certain level of trust.

The long distance relationship cannot survive without hope. For some hope, there should be a possibility that you will be together after a certain point of time and will live happily. Without that feeling, everything will be meaningless. One does not get an actual feel of the relationship till they see each other in person. It is where real intimacy exists.

How to Keep Long Distance Relationships Strong?

Long distance relationships are not that easy, but they do not hamper your relationship as well. Simple lifestyle along with attitudinal changes can help you keep the loved one in your life.

1. Staying in Contact

how to survive a long distance relationship

Since you will not be seeing each other a lot in person, it is strongly recommended that you maintain contact on a regular basis to develop an emotional bonding.

2. Take about Little Things

take about little things

the conversation need not be a meaningful discussion, but it can be about small things you did together. An example would be visiting a shopping mall.

3. Visit Often

visit often

take out from your busy schedule and visit each other often keeping your budget constraints in mind. Face to face communication is essential for building trust in a relationship.

4. Understand Each Other

understand each other

In a relationship, you should spend quality time with each other understanding your strengths along with weakness. When you talk to each other, find out what your partner likes the most.

5. Take Note of the Fact that Your Partner is Human

take note of the fact that your partner is human

Distance makes your heart fonder, but in a way it can also help you idealize your partner. It will help you when you decide to settle down later.

6. Support


Distance should not be a hindrance in supporting each other. Be there for your partner when he or she is in trouble. It will show that you care for them.

7. Trust


Trust is the most essential quality for any relationship to survive. Try your best to be faithful and avoid any untoward temptation.

8. Be Honest

be honest

When you are committed you tend, to be honest, and open to each other. The relationship should be based on personal values and not on the social circles.

9. Avoid the Wrong Oute

avoid the wrong oute

Do not do anything if you are angry. Communication is the best method to solve any problem and will help you develop a stronger bond.

10. Share Something

share something

with technology making rapid strides, sharing something will give you a new experience and will give you the sense of creating something together.

Secrets of Long Distance Successful Relationships

Do you know how to make your long distance relationship work? If the following tips are followed, you can make your long distance relationship work and take it to the next level. You will learn to be intimate and share you day to day details with each other

1. Be Optimistic

be optimistic

When you consider long distance relationships around you, the only thing that should concern you is to be confident about the relationship. They are not a bad idea and the best alternative for the couples. When you are optimistic, there are positive vibes around you, and that rubs on to your partners as well.

2. Use Technology

use technology

One can use technology to create intimacy. It creates a feeling of being together while doing their daily activities. In the long run, it can lead to greater level of intimacy. With WhatsApp, Hangouts, Twitter around interacting with each other has come pretty easy.

3. Reminders


They are a host of efforts you can take to keep your partner close to you mentally when you cannot be physical. Photographs can be a great way and the icing on the cake will be a digitally recorded message along with it.

4. Isolation


Research points to the fact that people who are in long distance relationships isolate from others. Work is often used as a distraction from loneliness, and when they see other couples around them, they feel awkward.

5. Some Things Cannot be Said or Felt

some things cannot be said or felt

Couples in long distance relationships do not discuss certain things that are crucial to the success of a relationship. When you are faced with a time constraint, bringing up these issues is bound to spoil the relationship. Instead, when you get time, try to rekindle those joyful memories where you spend quality together.

6. Be in for some Disappointment

be in for some disappointment

People in a long distance relationship often measure the quality of their relationship with the amount of time that they spend together. You need to realize that there will be some disappointing times, and this is normal.

7. Separate Lives Support long Distance Relationship

separate lives support long distance relationship

You become a social person when you are in a long distance relationship. It allows you to be productive and grow as a person. The couples are bound to have an intimating relationship when there is love.

Long distance relationship Quotes

“Distance is not for the people who fear, it is for the courageous people. It is for the people who are likely to devote the maximum amount of time to the little love they get in turn.”

“Missing someone is easy because even though you are far from them one day, the next day you will be closer to them.”

“The most beautiful things that we come across in life cannot be felt or touched.”

Benefits of Long Distance Relationship

Absence makes your heart beat going stronger? Distance has its own set of advantages and couples who are in a long distance relationship can have meaningful interactions than couples who are close to each other. The benefits of long distance relationship are as follows

1. If You Survive the Distance You Can Survive Anything

 if you survive the distance you can survive anything

 Long distance relationships have emerged as a viable alternative to breaking up. The typical viewpoint is that the relationships do not last, and successful long distance relationships are few. But if you want to spend that extra bit of effort the relationship can develop over a period. Research points to the fact that several couples who have had long distance relationships have been successful in their lives.

2. A Lesson in Communication

a lesson in communication

Long distance couples, put in extra effort to develop trust along with intimacy and the result shows off. Couples in long distance relations have more meaningful interactions rather than couples who are geographically close to each other.

3. Need not be Present at all Times

need not be present at all times

you can have off days as well- One does not need to meet on all days, and the relationship is not something you need to interact on a daily basis. Instead, you can find some time for your friends and spend more time on the social platform. It will give you time to develop your friends circle and provides the freshness needed in your relationship

4. Commitment


For any long distance relationship to work there must be an equal amount of commitment from both the parties involved in it. If you cannot give 100 % commitment, do not try for a long distance relationship. One also needs to perform activities in such a manner that they gain the trust of their partners. There is no scope of any infidelity in any long term relationship

5. Independence


Long distance relationships force you to be independent in your relationship. Living apart from each other is a great way to preserve the essence of who you are. As you are the master of your own tasks, it provides you with a sense of freedom

6. Planning


In a long distance relationship to work communication is important, and that comes with effective planning. It is not restricted to just visits but long term plans. When you visit your partner on a regular basis, there is a certain amount of financial planning is involved, and you formulate your budget based on that.

7. More than Physical

more than physical

A long distance relationship is more than physical. You cannot have friends with benefits relationship in such a scenario. They help in developing the bond of friendship.

Why do They Fail

Failure in relationships is one of the leading causes of stress and unhappiness in life. Working on developing relationships is one of the most important skills that we can learn in life. We need to understand why relationships fail and avoid them

1. Jealousy


jealousy occurs when there is competition along with separation. You need to learn how to be happy with the success of your better half. We also need to trust our partner and need not be suspicious.

2. Attachment


there is a strong disconnect between emotional attachment and real love. When you have an emotional attachment to someone, you are bound to have the patience and pay the required attention.

3. Domination


Even in the closest of relationships you need to value the freedom of others. Problems are waiting to happen if you try to dominate your partner. Often it is observed that it takes the form of an exception.

4. Selfishness


is the cause of all relationship problems. When you are selfish, you think of yourself the most and ignore others. True love is selfless, and it comes without expecting anything in return.

5. No Time

no time

Spend time on things you value the most. If we do not spend time with our partner, then we will begin to feel restless and unloved. Always time can be made for things we value the most.

6. Picking up Faults

picking up faults

The people with whom we spend maximum time are bound to have faults. If you wish to have a healthy relationship you need to have the quality of tolerating other’s weakness. You need to take constructive criticism in your strides.

7. Too much Time

too much time

It depends on the type of people involved. If we are always with people, the relationship can become stagnant, and we need a certain amount of time for ourselves. Any strong relationship should be able to deal with periods of separation.

Tips to Have a Long Distance Relationship Work

Many people are of the opinion that long distance relationships do not work out. Your family may discourage you and your friends may not like it. But there are a few tips that can make your long distance relationship work which are.

  • 1. Avoid excessive amount of communication as it can have negative impact rather than lead to a positive situation
  • 2. Consider it more of an opportunity
  • 3. Some ground rules to be set that matches your expectations
  • 4. Communicate regularly and in a creative manner
  • 5. Taking dirty with each other will help you to ignite the spice in the relationship
  • 6. Beware of dangerous situations
  • 7. Do most things together
  • 8. Do things of similar nature
  • 9. Pay visits to each other
  • 10. Have a vision or goal in mind
  • 11. Enjoy your lone time with your friends as well as family
  • 12. Be honest with each other
  • 13. Be aware of each other’s expectations
  • 14. Keep a tab on each other’s social activities
  • 15. Keep on gifting each other things regularly
  • 16. Use technology to be in contact with each other
  • 17. Snail mail
  • 18. Be positive
  • 19. Video call
  • 20. Keep each other updated about other’s family activities
  • 21. Pet names give each other
  • 22. Go for the extra mile regarding communication
  • 23. Have conversations constantly about the little things.
  • 24. Learn to respect and trust each other
  • 25. Always wish good morning and good night to each other
  • 26. Do not avoid talking about the difficult things
  • 27. Writing works wonders and creates your own personal blog where you can share your thoughts
  • 28. Send private selfies more than often
  • 29. When you visit each other see to it that sex is steamy
  • 30. Communicate with each other when you need space
  • 31. Work on a skill that impresses the other person when you arrive
  • 32. Talk on an instant messenger when you are at work
  • 33. Be a social person so that you need not become a boring person
  • 34. Indulge and flirt with random people so that you can still be at your game
  • 35. No lies at any point
  • 36. Be open if you are uncomfortable with something
  • 37. Do activities that shows you are a trustworthy person
  • 38. If there are people around you, be considerate when you talk to your partner
  • 39. Read a lot of sex books so that you are on the move when you visit your partner
  • 40. Learn the art of being patient
  • 41. Do not write too much Facebook comments about each other
  • 42. When you are together, take a lot of pictures as this will help you to rekindle your bonds.
  • 43. Be open to each other about your views about each other
  • 44. Communicate with them that you miss them
  • 45. Learn the art of self-discipline
  • 46. Have a trustworthy friend who can always keep you on your toes.
  • 47. Have a financial plan in place so that you can help your partner in distress
  • 48. Understand that love is all about timing
  • 49. Big relationship decisions should only be made in person
  • 50. Be aware of the fact that you have a life apart from your partner

How Much Does it Actually Cost?

Most of us do not make the choice of long distance relationship willingly, but it is the fact that you have to learn and cope up with. But there is a drastic reduction in your bank balance when you maintain a long distance relationship

1. Expect To Spend A Lot Of Money On Travel

expect to spend a lot of money on travel

Nothing matches like seeing each other in person and. Unfortunately, that means travelling on a regular basis. So one should be happy to incur the costs associated with travel.

2. Vacation Time

vacation time

Spending time with your better half is welcome, but it also means foregoing time spend with your friends as well as your family members. These choices are made for spending time with each other is worth.

3. Not Always Equal

not always equal

Since both the parties have varied schedules, you need to find out a way to manage the travel burden. One needs to find a perfect balance in their fast paced schedule

4. It Is Hard to Control Habits When Every Visit Is Special

it is hard to control habits when every visit is special

When you see each other on a less frequent basis, there is a strong tendency to spend more. The visit will be like there is not tomorrow even when your visits in the most expensive cities.

5. The Importance of Time Management

time management

You tend to be more efficient in managing your time when you are in a long distance relationship. Even the fights tend to be efficient as one tends to have less time together.

6. Financial Future is Hard To Compare

financial future is hard to compare

When you are in a long distance relationship, it means missing out on various financial trips that other couples are experiencing. It could be whether you are moving in together or sharing your financial expenses.

7. Missing Out On Celebrations and Important Events

missing out on celebrations and important events

Being in different schedules makes it impossible to get together for important celebrations along with events. Say your birthday celebrations are on a weekend, and the fares are skyrocketing then you have to opt for it.

In a nutshell, long distance relationships are bound to work with the required level of commitment is there from both the parties to the relationship. In the global world, long distance relationships become popular and people are looking at innovative ways of maintaining it.