How to Transition from a Regular to a Long Distance Relationship

How to Transition from a Regular to a Long Distance Relationship

How to Transition from a Regular to a Long Distance Relationship

Long-Distance Relationships are quite different from the regular relationships and they are not easy to handle but they can be challenging and a lot of fun too.
It’s a new way of living life altogether!

Having seen around what it’s like transitioning into a long-distance relationship, I can tell you a few things you can expect if you go through the same thing.


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You tend to become more emotional and sad at a certain point of time. You love each other but time and distance separate you to different parts of the planet. Distance has always been scary whether it’s a couple of days or a couple of months away from each other, so be ready to get a little teary eyed every now and then initially. But try your very best not to let your feeling overflow too much.

Take Proper Care of your Health

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No doubt, getting away from the person leads to stress and that can really mess up with your appetite, sleep, immune system and can even make you feel ill without any illness. You might feel insomniac for few days and would want to just lie down and wait for the discomfort to go away. Decide to let your brain settle down and wait for the moment to pass.

The Urge to Become Clingy

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Being separated is very tough definitely.  And you might feel this strong urge to become super clingy but do not let this feeling over-power you; try your best to control it. Even if you have the best boyfriend/girlfriend, getting too clingy becomes annoying.

Do not Keep Talking About How Hard a Long Distance Relationship is

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If you will keep cribbing over how hard a long-distance relationship is, then you are not properly accepting the situation. You both had decided together that no matter how tough the situation turns out to be, you would always stay together and keep strong. Your relationship isn’t on a hold. It’s just operating in a different manner, so try to see the best in it and embrace the experience.

Do not Track Their Every Move

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I know you feel like asking your partner about every single detail but just let them decide what they are comfortable in sharing with you.Don’t forget that they are also humans and have their own private life and free will to do whatever they want to so don’t try to track their every move and record their every breath they take. 

You care about them and want to be a part of their life but don’t suffocate them. Ask questions and show interest in their life but don’t full on stalk your own partner!  

Do not Focus Only on Yourself

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Care about their feelings and opinions. Listen to what they have to say and how they feel. Don’t just sit and keep talking for hours about how you feel about stuff without noticing about your partner’s feelings.

Do not Get Jealous

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This is the most important point that whatever you do. Do not get jealous or mad with them if they are hanging out and enjoying with their friends even with the friends of the opposite sex. They have a right to spend a little time with their friends so it’s okay. You will eventually get to know if something fishy is going on so don’t let paranoia mess things up for you.

I know it’s easy to say but it’s a lot difficult for you and your partner to be apart so just remember to be kind to each other. Respect and trust each other and remember why you decided to get into it in the first place.