7 Signs that Your Long Distance Relationship is Failing

7 Signs that Your Long Distance Relationship is Failing

7 Signs that Your Long Distance Relationship is Failing

Being in a relationship is a beautiful feeling filled with love, trust, comfort and support for lifetime. When two people fall in love with each other as soul mates, they get together all the time and tell everyone about it. It is called being in a relationship. Relationships have their own highs and lows and it is perfectly normal. The most difficult kind of relationship today is the long distance relationship.

There are times when even if you work hard on each other, still the relationship starts to fall due to long distance. Here are some signs through which you can tell if your long distance relationship is in trouble.

1. Long Conversations Have Turned into Short Ones

short conversations

If you are in a long distance relationship, at the start probably you used to talk most of the time whenever you could manage time. But now if you are realizing that your partner does not give you enough time, it means your relationship may be about to sink.

2. Lack of Attention

lack of attention

If you feel that your partner who is now living in a different city, is not giving you much attention or does not ask about your whereabouts and other things related to you, it is also a sign that your relationship may be in trouble.

3. Escalating Arguments

ldr escalating arguments

If the level of arguments between you and your love has escalated at a drastic rate and you both end up fighting each other every time you talk, it is a sign of the fact that your long distance relationship is failing.

4. Forgetting the Important Things

forgetting important things

If there was a time when your partner used to remember each and everything related to you and now due to being in a long distance relationship, you are observing him to forget everything easily like your birthday and anniversary, then your long distance relationship is failing.

5. No More Future Talks

no more future talks

If you and your partner used to talk about your future as a couple before he moved to a different city, and you sense that you both do not talk about your future together anymore, it is a serious signal that your long distance relationship is in deep trouble.

6. Lack of Sharing Things

lack of sharing things

A relationship is based on honestly and trust. Both the partners share everything. If you had this beautiful sharing bond in your relationship but after being in long distance, this bond has broken, it is a signal of things going wrong in your precious relationship.

7. The Voice of Your Heart

voice of your heart

The inner voice of your heart never lies. The intuition and the senses feel everything which our mind does not say clearly to us. Whenever there is some kind of void between the two partners in a relationship, you can always sense it. If your heart feels such thing, you should know that it is true.

These signs will help you in recognizing the flaws occurring in your long distance relationship. So, work on it to make everything better.