Ayurvedic Care for Your Body and Subsequently Your Mind

Ayurvedic Care for Your Body and Subsequently Your Mind

Ayurvedic Care for Your Body and Subsequently Your Mind

You must have heard the term that a person becomes what he eats and it also impacts the behaviour of a person. If this term is new for you and you have never noticed the kind of impact the food you eat, have on all over your body then read along and you may find some of the surprising facts that how your food can have effects on your mind, body and spirit. The food choice of a person is actually the result of the state of mind as per which a person selects the desired food.

It is also rightly said that the food habits of a person can tell a lot about his/her lifestyle, basic nature and the way of living. And you won't believe that changes in your food habit will actually make a great number of changes in your daily life and the way you deal with people.

As per the Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science which can help people to get rid of the number of chronic diseases, the food which we eat is divided into three parts as per the Ayurveda: the Sattvic, Rajasic and the last one is Tamsik.

The Sattvic Diet


Let us understand this in a better way. When we talk about the Satvik Diet, it is considered as one of the excellent ways to keep the body and mind clear, peaceful, strong and light. As the word Satvik stands for purity, this food is vegetarian and around 80% of it is raw and the 20% are the cooked items. The best part about Satvik Diet is that it is highly nutritious as this diet is full of grains, sprouts, legume, fresh vegetable and fruits, nuts and, milk. This diet is considered as the best treat for the human body as it keeps the body disease free and the immune system also works in a perfect manner.

The Rajasic Diet


The Rajasic diet includes the food items and drinks which stimulate the nervous system, garlic, spices, black tea and fresh meat are the part of the Rajasic diet. Most of us have a Rajsic diet in our food habits though this kind of food imbalances the mental, emotional and physical activities.

The Tamsic Diet


So, the third one is the Tamsic diet - synthetic food, processed meat, alcohol, food which is chemically treated, all these items are the part of the Tamsic diet. This diet can impact our bodies in the worst manner and the general symptoms are irritable nature, lethargy and aggressiveness. The reason why the tamasic food is considered bad is that the food which has no life in it, which is dead. It contributes to the toxins in the body and the mind which can have some of the most serious impacts on the overall health.

So, as these three diets have various effects on the human body and mind.  If a person wants to have a healthy body and mind, then the Satvik, the pure and fresh food is the best and convenient option.

As the food we eat effects body and mind, it is very necessary to make the right choices before you take a bite of a food item. As per the principles of Ayurveda, the Satvic food is considered the best to keep the body, mind, and spirit healthy. The other food habits of eating old, preserved, and processed food can actually affect the body in a very negative way.