Posting Vacation Photos on Social Media may Cost you your Job

Posting Vacation Photos on Social Media may Cost you your Job

Posting Vacation Photos on Social Media may Cost you your Job

Before the internet was in vogue, people used to make slides of their vacation photos and invited friends and neighbours to the slide show party which was funnier to the hosts than the guests. Nowadays, we are forced to put our photos on the social media platform to show what a great life we lead. But when we see our friend’s vacation photos we are saddened to see someone is having more fun than us.

Here, we are going to talk about how posting vacation photos on social media can cost you your job.

Coworkers' jealousy


Co-workers could resent your vacation photos. While they are stuck in the office doing their daily work and you are clicking photos with your legs in sand it might give birth to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Everyone wishes to have a vacation twice a year and it reminds that they are not at the vacation does not suits them. No one actually enjoys covering for a co-worker when they are not in the office and then these photos add salts to their wound.

Extravagant Spending

extravagant spending

If your boss or anyone from the upper management looks at your extravagant vacation photos, they might think that either they are paying you too much or they will doubt how serious you are about your career based on your carefree spirit captured in the photos. 

A Damaged Reputation

damaged reputation

Before uploading any photos just see to it whether they are damaging your reputation or not. Any scantily clad photos or the ones that show inebriation can cause your co-workers to think of you in a different light.

Keep the Amount of your Vacation Posts to Minimum


Multiple albums or constant tweets about the vacation is unnecessary and it may be passed off as bragging. No one would like to see your 30 photos in front of a tree. 

Be Smart about the Photos you Post

be smart

Pictures which show you immersed in a culture, learning a new skill or making a new networking connection shows that your vacation is a learning experience and not a break from reality. 

Limit your privacy settings

limit privacy settings

Try to limit your privacy settings and don’t publicize everything. Keep it limited to your friends or friends of friends. The photos which you post can be misused by other people for fun resulting in your embarrassment. 

Don’t write Sarcastic Comments

sacastic comments

Some comments which you write might not directly hurt people but indirectly they can be hurtful for others. So try not to write the comments which the upper management or your co-workers might take the other way even if you don’t have any evil intentions.

So, whatever photos you post on the social media please take care that it does not hurt the sentiments of other people. The vacations you take on should not be so costly that it costs you lose your job. The management should not get the wrong indications about your character and behaviour.