Acing at Common Interview Questions

Acing at Common Interview Questions

Acing at Common Interview Questions

Getting ready for an interview will always be a nervous feeling. Your mind get flooded with different questions, for instance, what they would ask, would you manage to answer them, would you get the job and so on. It's a common problem; one needs to take care of few things before heading to a job interview. 


financial accountability

It's good to have a handful of knowledge about the company. Study the company website, know its goals, missions and history. You may face a lot of questions about what and why you want to join a specific organization. So it's good to be ready to answer most of the questions with a confident face.

Go Google

go google

Nowadays to get the whole information about any person or an organization is just a click away. Google has all the answers you are looking for. So, just before stepping into the room of queries, shake hands with Google and do a detailed research work of the company. Find out their requirements and visions.

Interview yourself 

interview yourself

It would be great if you question yourself before facing the interview. Ask yourself about: why I need this job, how I can serve the organization, why I am the only one who deserves this post. By exploring your own mind with such queries, you would be able to answer confidently without looking blank to any bouncer question that could be coming your way.

Try and Recall Previous Interviews

check on previous

Always know your previous mistakes to perform better next time. Keep a record of your previous interview, time you took to answer the questions and also the responses that you gave. Record your performance which you felt that could have been better. Read all the questions again with different answers.

Think Positive

think positive

Sometimes even if you lack of knowledge about the company, your confidence and positivity can get you the opportunity of grabbing a good job. People are more attracted to someone who can bring the hope of light to their world. Whether it is professionally or personally, positivity always works in your favour. Even if you don't know the answer of a certain question, it's okay to accept as everybody knows that nobody is perfect.

Talking About your Strengths and Weaknesses

strength and weakness

We enjoy talking about our strength. We always add good words to our personalities to enhance our confidence but it's also easy to discuss our weaknesses. However you don't have to talk about every weakness of yours; just be relevant and talk to the point. It's better to talk about the weaknesses which you have overpowered. By that you can answer even the toughest question without getting nervous. While discussing both your strength and weaknesses, make sure that the interviewer should focus more on your strength. It's all about how and what you bring to the table.


Every organization wants to know about where you can see yourself after few years, list of your goals and how would you pursue them. They would like to hand over a job to someone who wants to grow because that's how their company will grow. Make sure you know where you want to stand after five years or so. This is the most common question asked by many companies. It's more important to have a plan for your professional journey.

It's important to know yourself before presenting your face in front of the world. A complete research and a good and positive attitude can change the situation. If faced with difficult questions, you can choose to be diplomatic with your answers that can save you from looking like an empty mind. Be strict to your value and ethics. These are the things on which one should not compromise. Eventually with a combination of presence of mind and handful of knowledge, you get your dream job.