The Art of Communicating Like a Leader

The Art of Communicating Like a Leader

The Art of Communicating Like a Leader

Great leaders are different from us in only a couple of ways. One of them is the fact that they have a better communication regime that the ones standing in the audience listening to them.

Here are a few things that have been observed by experts and practiced by thousands across the world. These things are key. It's the soul of existence. The difference between being a black sheep and a white sheep.

This is a must-have communication  guide for all good leaders, and people who aspire to be good leaders.

1. Be Attentive

be attentive

Being a Good Listener

First things first. To be a pro at communicating, you always need to be a step ahead from the person upfront. Attentive to the details of the conversation. Understand the nitty-gritty of it. Try to read in between the lines.

2. Listen


Active Listening Skills

Often when we are communicating, we tend to force our beliefs on another person-ignoring what they are saying. This  is a huge mistake if you wish to be a good leader. Learn to listen. Listen to the other person's point of view, let them finish a sentence before speaking.

3. Be Open to Criticism

be open to criticism

Maintain Positive Attitude

If you are a leader, there are chances that you will automatically become a patron to criticism. The wise thing to do when you face criticism is not be defensive but instead  be open to ideas and pay  attention to the suggestions that people offer you. You never know what could be a boon to you.

4. Body Language

body language

Body Language Secrets

A secret to being a good leader is to make your team comfortable with you. For this, you can try to Match the other person's body language -this a psychological trick that will make  him feel comfortable and more at ease. Never let yourself be put up on a pedestal. Be comfortable in your own skin and make others feel comfortable around you.

5. Be to the Point

be to the point

Success is an Inside Job

It often happens that leaders tend to be too much informative of the objectives. But the trick is to "KISS" (keep it short and simple) . No one likes or needs useless information or an overload of similar things flooding their ears.

6. Avoid Fillers

avoid fillers

Talking Yourself into Success

By fillers, we mean the "mmmh(s)and "ummm(s)". These count amongst the most undesirable traits of a leader. For these depict being unsure or nervous. And if the leader of the team is nervous. What can one expect from the team? Avoid using fillers at all costs.

7. Speak fluently, Write Confidently

speak fluently, write confidently

Highly Confident People

The most influential trait of a good leader is the way he speaks and presents his ideas. Hence it is a must that you develop both of these things simultaneously. Communication is a detailed process. Use every possible weapon at your disposal!

8. Be Confident in Yourself

be confident in yourself

Super Confident

Believe in yourself and the world will believe in you. This is true. Since you are the leader of the wolf pack, you have to be confident in yourself. It will be only then that your team will confide in you to lead them. With confidence, comes trust and reliance.

9. Know when to Pause

know when to pause

Secrets to Getting Jobs

Word-vomit is never a good idea. Don't just go on and on know when to speak and when to not speak. For example, pause after a serious statement to make it more impactful. After you declare an opinion, pause for a bit and wait for their response.

10. Be Appropriately Informative

be appropriately informative

Happiness In  Job

Others are looking up to you. Be a pool of useful information that your team can learn and benefit from to offer the best of their services. This will not only make people confide their trust in you, but it will also help you push yourself forward - to learn more, to be better and to become a great leader.

To sum it all up, yes. Leaders are different from us. But not because they are born different. It's because they chose to be.' With this simple 10 step guide, you can search and destroy all obstructions in your communication with the world and open yourself up to becoming great! The leader of the wolf pack!