Prevent Binge Eating And Increase Happiness

Prevent Binge Eating And Increase Happiness

Prevent Binge Eating And Increase Happiness

There are times when one does not feel like touching food and times when no amount of it is enough. Multiple courses or many rounds of the same one does not matter. It is as if some gluttonous spirit has taken hold of us. However, that does not make us a binge eater. For a binge eater, the over-eating sessions are uncontrollable and extremely regular. Even if they go to bed day after day disgusted with themselves and their eating habits, they find it impossible to control.

Science says there are many reasons as to why people binge eat. They can be primarily classified into three buckets: biological, psychological and social/behavioral. The three kinds are exactly what they sound. The biological reasons include a particular kind of genetic mutation, low levels of serotonin and issue with the hypothalamus. On the psychological front, depression has been found to be closely related to binge eating. Other reasons are loneliness, low self esteem, body dissatisfaction, etc. The socio and cultural reasons run deeper. They have to do a lot with the people one surrounds oneself with and the image others tell us they have of us.

Here are a few pointers to help you with ways to prevent binge eating and increase your overall happiness. We shall look at each of them in detail one by one:

Ditch That Condescending Boyfriend/Girlfriend


Keys to Healing a Negative Body Image

Does your partner constantly make you feel lowly or unworthy because of your body shape/size/structure? Does your friend always brag how hot/good she looks and can eat anything without putting on weight? Well, it is time to wave them goodbye. You are good and you deserve to be happy and feel loved irrespective of your weight. A friend who at times raps on the knuckles is good. They would help you in your journey but a demeaning one – definitely NOT needed.

Stop Dieting


Stop the Endless Cycle of Dieting

Diets, especially the crash and fad ones, are the biggest culprits for binge eating. They end up depriving your body and hence mind of critical nutrients needed in the body. Thus, the brain sends constant signals for the relevant consumption and sort of goes into an overdrive once you really start eating. A better idea is to eat in moderation. This has two benefits. First is the fact that you are not depriving your body of anything, thereby negating triggering of those food cravings and urges to eat. Also, you are teaching yourself portion control – a simple thing which does wonders as one ages and needs to become more conscious.

Fight Boredom


Boredom is another common culprit. When we have nothing else to do, we tend to think of food or go off to sleep. In its easiest form, we might take to snacking. Such a habit should be discouraged. Find ways to keep yourself occupied, both physically and mentally. Pursue a hobby. Try something new. Try scheduling a day. If you find yourself eating at particular time of the day, set is aside as call time. Call up somebody every day. It’ll help you both connect with people you haven’t talked to in a long time and take your mind off thoughts of food and eating.

Practice Mindfulness


It is easier said and done. Make an effort to remain in the mind. Give it all your focus and energy. Instead of gulping your food down, increase the number of times you chew the food. Try to identify the different flavors and individual tastes.

Try practicing and combining these habits with other healthy ones such as proper sleep and exercise to find a new you!