Set your Mind to Get Where You Want To Be

Set your Mind to Get Where You Want To Be

Set your Mind to Get Where You Want To Be

Nobody ever said life is easy. There is a new challenge to be faced every day. If you also think that your life is not moving in a way in which you want it to go or you think that nothing happens as per your mind, then this piece of writing can prove life changing for you.

As different people a number of different things in their lives, be it in the personal front or the material things, there is one common thing which is almost the part of the lives of all and that is the wish to get more and more. However, most of the time people end up empty handed as most of them are not aware of the ways to get what they want.

1. Analyse The Reason

Analyse The Reason

One reason is that they don’t try enough for it and the biggest obstacle is their own mind which is full of doubts and prejudices. Let us have a look at an example which can help you to understand this better:

John, a job seeker is preparing for his interview, he is efficient in the terms of work and skills and he is very much sure to clear the respective interview in a single go, however his friend Sam tells him that the company where he is going for the interview, hires people rarely and it’s a big task to clear their interview. Not the confident John starts feeling nervous and the negativity of his friend’s advice starts to hound him and he ends up flunking in the interview.

2. Control The Mind

Control The Mind

Now what happened in the above case was the mind which was encouraging and eulogizing John, started to make him feel under confident and he ended up coming the traps of doubts of his own mind.

As they say that everything is there in the mind of a person, be it a devil or God, be it good or bad, be it happiness or sadness, all is there in the “fickle” mind  of ours which can actually be controlled and used in a way in which we want it to use. 

3. Pay Attention To Your Thoughts

Pay Attention To Your Thoughts

The first thing which you are required to control your mind is to control your thoughts. As per the scientists we think about 60,000 thoughts in a single day and just imagine how hard is it to assess to know that which thought is positive and which is negative. Though, there is a simple phenomenon, as your mind has the power to make you slave, make sure that by controlling your thoughts, you order your mind about your wishes and desires and make it your slave.

4. Opt For Positive Self Assurance

Opt For Positive Self Assurance

Positive Affirmations for Your Life

Now, you must be wondering that how one can control 60,000 thoughts as it is not actually an easy task, all you are required to do is to exchange your negative thoughts with the positive ones. So, if there is something which tells you that you cannot do a particular task then make it a positive statement saying that I can do it and I will do it in the best possible manner. By practicing this you can actually order your mind to take you anywhere you want.

The Mind in the human body is no less than a blessing as it can take a person wherever he/she wants to be. All you are required to do is to get control of your negative thoughts by replacing them with the positive ones. Wish you all the best!