Recognizing that you’re on the Path to Success

Recognizing that you’re on the Path to Success

Recognizing that you’re on the Path to Success

This is the biggest performance review anyone has in their lives. It's the phase of your life where you have started Questioning your abilities, your choices, your goals and the worst YOURSELF.

"Am I going in the right direction?"

"Am I stuck?"

"Am I going to make it out of this mess that I am in?"

How many times does your conscience ask you this question? Once a day, sometimes? Sometimes more ?

If this is happening to you, it is not a bad sign. This is your inner core asking you as a person about your accomplishments. Your path. Your way. Your plan.

Whether the choices you made were really right for YOU?

Whether the goals that you set for yourself are actually achievable for YOU?

Is the path that you chose for yourself "The path to success?"

Is the plan that you are on, working?

Here is how it is constructive. It is you asking yourself these questions. Which means, that there is a part of you that wants to do better. Be better. Rise higher. This isn't weakness, this is strength! This isn't doubt, this is certainty!

You can, and WILL do better! That's a guarantee. All you need to do is keep this emotion pointed in the right direction with a pinch of positivity.

Here is a fact that most people in the world are ignorant to - the clock is ticking, but so are we. We are slowly moving forward- surviving day after day, fighting our own battles. Winning. Celebrating. Losing. Learning.


Is what you're doing helping you to move closer to your goals?

Here are 5 simple pointers for you to "CHECK" that you are on the Right path to success.

You Actually Meet the Daily Goals you Set for Yourself

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Let's start with the small stuff! Going to the store to pick up supplies. Reaching to the office on time every day. Coming back tired and still going to that soccer practice with your niece. you are actually doing a lot without even knowing it.

Completing every small goal gives you more confidence. It is a very constructive process which changes your focus and gives you strength on a very deep level.

Maybe it's time to set small goals and completing them!

Deadlines Don't Scare You

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If you love something, a deadline related to that subject will not scare you. It is a fact. You like music, you have a day to memorize the lyrics to 3 songs. It will work.

Worrying about deadlines is all in the head. It is a process that can be controlled using some exercises. Once you realize that you actually care about the 'End product' more than 'Submitted the product on time'. Once you focus on the right things, deadlines won't be a problem anymore.

Maybe it's time to find your area of interest and invest time!

You are a Problem Solver


You are out of toothpaste. You cut the tube. Your T-shirt gets old, you make it into a cleaning piece. You use life hacks every day. Without even knowing, on a subconscious level, you are always working on making your life easier.

You are a problem solver. It's in your instincts. It's in your nature. This is key to survival and generations of developing this skill has got you here. It is in your genes.

Maybe it is time to invent yourself solutions to the problems that look impossible to be solved by traditional means.

Your Life is Really not so Bad


If you think you have had the roughest childhood, it is not a valid thought. These things can't be compared as such. Maybe you living in a sub urban area limited you, but there is a guy who grew up penniless in a small hillside village and today, he is a millionaire!

It's time to realize that no matter where you are, you got there by overpowering your past life. No matter by what fraction. Now if that is not progress, what is?

You don't Know What the World Holds for you


The world is an amazing place. If you go out and search for something great, not only will you find it, but along the way, you will meet people like you. You have to wake up and realize that the world is an ocean and you are but a fish! If you will take the first step - if you will expose yourself emotionally to the world, like a nerve, you will be indulged in a process of constant transference of information. New people, new prospective. It is refreshing! 

There are companions. Brothers in arms. Fellow soldiers. Once you will experience a taste of what the world has to offer you, you will never be the same again!


So maybe it is time. Time to put your boxing gloves back on and step into the ring called "Life". Every day, you have trained for it. Instinctively, you are a beast - capable of great and amazing feats. It's about time you realized what you are. It's about time you tie your shoe laces and pull up your pants. It's about time dusted off your shoulders.

You don’t know it yet, but you are slowly moving towards your goals in a way that right now, maybe you are not able to comprehend. You are only human, but that is your strength! It's time. Time to start running!