5 Rules for Every Professional Rule Breaker

5 Rules for Every Professional Rule Breaker

5 Rules for Every Professional Rule Breaker

Impulsive behavior rarely leads to smart business decisions, but thinking with your heart and taking the road less traveled can catapult your career.  Make use of these five tips, because even rebels have rules they follow.

Rule 1: Make sure It’s Worth it

make sure its worth it

Crazy Business Ideas that worked

Many people find themselves overly invested in a hobby before realizing that there are things we can make a career of and things that we just like a lot. Oftentimes, when a fun activity becomes a responsibility, much of its appeal is lost. Take the risk and seek to profit from the passion that keeps you up at night and wakes you up with excitement in the morning. Your career motivation is strongest when you feel that it isn’t just something you want to do. It’s something you can’t do without.

Rule 2: Know your True Motivations

know your true motivaiton

Stay Motivated

Why do you really want to do this?  Sometimes we may not realize our inspirations for some of the decisions we make. Are you making a choice because someone else thinks it’s best? Do you have a point to prove to someone who put you down in the past? These reasons surely influence people, but they aren’t the best incentive. Be sure that what drives you is solely based on what makes you happy.

Rule 3: Don’t let Tradition Cloud your Judgement

think logically

Take Better Decisions

Ever since we were old enough to think logically, we've been taught methods to follow if we want to be successful and shown the statistics that prove it. This can makea big dream seem farfetched and causes us to second-guess ourselves.

W. Somerset Maugham said it best; “Tradition is a guide and not a jailer.” Every journey is different. As you strive to accomplish the goals that are important to you, bend the rules of tradition, or just ignore them if need be.

Rule 4: Have a Backup Plan

have a backup plan

Action Plan for Success

It’s sensible to know what you would do if something goes wrong instead of leaving it all to chance. Maybe you would pick up the pieces and keep trying. Or maybe you would shy away and lose interest in the venture altogether. It's been said more than once that your true calling doesn’t leave you in the midst of trouble. Still, if throwing in the towel seems like a feasible option, it’s okay to reconsider your decisions and move on to something else.

Rule 5: Keep Company with other Productive Rule Breakers

time for change

Increase Employee Productivity

Entrepreneurs who have already made it, or are well on their way, will inspire you to keep moving forward. They can also help you to make better choices based on their experience and advice. You have to know your boundaries when breaking the rules. Learn from those who do it best.