7 Traits Successful People Do Differently

7 Traits Successful People Do Differently

7 Traits Successful People Do Differently

I was having a conversation with a friend about success, happiness and dreams. We were analyzing why some people succeed and some people fail. Is it luck?

Regardless of spiritual believes and luck, we came to realize that there are things that happy successful people do differently.

As youngster in high school, we were sold the idea that success came from going to university and landing a good job. However, millions have followed this “success” formula and I’m sorry to say that it doesn’t exactly seem like these millions of people are living their dreams.

Why? Regardless of the multiple reasons, I noticed these 7 traits that play a BIG role in our success and happiness.

1. Comfort


Peace of Mind

Comfort is the enemy of success, nothing ever happens if we sit around and wait for it. Even physics has proven this. For every action there is a reaction, if you want a reaction you need an action. If you want a different reaction then you need a different action.

We’ve all been there, within our comfortzone that limits our possibilities. We want a hot body but when it comes to exercising, we rather stay in the couch than go for a run.

We want to conquer our dreams but we also don’t want to put our heart and soul into it, because that can create a feeling of worry, doubt or failure.

Comfort then becomes an enabler.

2. Safety


Stay Resilient in Your Life

One thing that all great men and women have in common is that they weren’t seeking safety when they went out and pursue their goals and dreams.

“Safe” for Bill Gates would’ve been to stay in school, get his degree and get a job. That would’ve been “safe”, to have a steady income every month, to not have to worry if his invention would succeed.

So Bill Gates risked it. He dropped out of university because he BELIEVED in his invention; he worked night and day to make it perfect and not have any guarantees that people would love it.

Same goes to every single person that has invented something or has began their own business. It is extremely unsafe, there are absolutely no guarantees, however, that’s how great things happen.

Going into battle involves risks; there is absolutely no safety in pursuing your dreams. But if you want to win big, then you need to take a big risk.

3. Confidence


Actions for Self Confidence


The world will doubt you, your friends and family will doubt you and you will probably doubt yourself. But your biggest feeling needs to be confidence. That IT IS possible and that YOU ARE capable.

When confidence is lost is very likely the dream is lost as well.

Before Brad Pit made it BIG, he was working in a chicken costume, handing out flyers. But he went to hundreds of auditions pursuing his dream; he believed he was capable of doing it and that it was POSIBLE.

When fear and doubt takes over your mind, your confidence needs to be even bigger because it is what will push you beyond your own pre-conceived limitations.

4. Determination


Short Determination Quotes

Is fighting against the odds, is working night in and day out, it’s putting your heart and soul into something and not giving up.

Even people who won the lotto had determination. They wanted to become rich, so they went out and got a lotto ticket.

The Beatles were told their music was out of style, if they weren’t determined they would`ve given up and we would’ve never sing to Hey Jude. But they kept going, even after being rejected multiple times.

5. Discipline


Self Discipline For Success


Everything and anything you want involves discipline.

If you want a hot body then you need to exercise on a regular basis and restrain yourself from eating junk food. You want to become a musician? Then you need to practice every day.

People assume that only athletes require discipline for physical training, however, discipline is required to achieve anything we want.

J. K. Rowling needed discipline to write each book of the Harry Potter saga. You think writing a book is easy? Try doing it, you’ll notice you need to WRITE and rewrite a lot! And this involves discipline.

All the great books that haven’t been written do not exist not because people don’t have great ideas, but because they haven’t actually written them.

6. Work


Work with Integrity

The four letter word that makes most of the world cringe.

Work, involves actually doing something and it is feared and dreaded by the majority of humans on planet earth.

Everyone wants to conquer their dreams, become rich, get a smoking body, peace and happiness. But each and every single thing we want involves WORK.

Even winning the lotto involves a certain amount of work. You need to get off your but and go buy a ticket, you also need money to get that ticket, and so you have to work to get money to buy a lotto ticket.

Work is not bad, is sometimes tiring but it’s what makes life so incredibly worth it.

You want to be happy? You also have to work on that, in appreciating every day, in finding the good in what seems bad, in restraining yourself from negative thoughts.

7. Fear


Fear of Success

Fear kills more dreams than wars have killed humans.

“I want to become an actress, but what if I can´t? What if people laugh at me? What if I waste all that time and effort and nothing happens? What if…”

Yes! You might fail; you might not achieve your dream, it is a possibility. But a true and undeniable fact is that you WILL die someday. That’s probably the biggest fear you will ever have in your lifetime and isn’t it stupid to fear something that’s inevitable? Still, we do! We fear death.

We fear our own dreams and there is a possibility we might fail and a possibility that we might win. However, the majority of the world rests heavier on the fear to fail, which is why the majority DO fail. Because they don’t even give it a chance, and the truth of the matter is that you will die, so wouldn’t it be better to starve the fear from our lives and actually enjoy it!