Tips to Stay Happy Every Day

Tips to Stay Happy Every Day

Tips to Stay Happy Every Day

Staying happy is not hard as you imagine it to be. As we all have reminded ourselves any number of times, happiness is a state of mind and is something that we need to achieve from within.But it is without doubt easier said than done and requires more than just a little bit of concerted, mindful and purposeful effort from our side. If you are feeling sad and low, you need to understand why being happy is important. For one happiness is a powerful feeling and can even heal illnesses and improve the working of your body.

It is also highly contagious and can improve the environment and mood in your home, and lift up the spirits of those close to you. Happiness also affects the working of your mind and can give you the energy to strive to work hard and realize your dreams. When you have something so potent at your disposal, something that can propel you out of depths of sadness and make people you care for happy, why not harness it?Here are a few tips for staying happy throughout the day, both at home and at work.

1. Don't Blame Yourself

don t blame yourself

Self-criticism is the biggest wrong that you can do to yourself. And it comes the easiest when we are doing stuff which we do not want to or like to. Lack of alignment of our actions, habits and behavior with how we want to be causes stress, tension and frustration, and the self-criticism begins.A harsh, critical and unkind inner voice that always points finger in your direction whenever anything goes wrong does no good for you. Itcauses pain, unhappiness, misery and guilt.Stop listening to that voice, period.Deciding to be kind to yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself this new year.

Forgive your failings and appreciate sincere efforts being made.We feel unhappy when we feel trapped in roles that we do not enjoy or when we doubt whether we are using our full potential. We also feel unsatisfied when we cannot do justice to things we hold in value, like not being able to spend time with your family when that is your biggest priority.Incorporate habits that will help you get closer towards your ideal existence. Invest in education to further or change your career options. Do not overcommit at work if you want to be on time for your daughter’s ballet rehearsal. Do not wallow in guilt, do something. The new habits and conscious decisions will help you align your life better to your cherished goals, and you will be happy that you are getting closer to the person you want to be.

2. You Have No Control over Others

you have no control over others

Unhappy people have the habit of hitching their happiness to the deeds, words and actions of a loved one. This often results in failed expectations, broken trust, disappointment and a sense of loss. We feel miserable and worthless when we tie our happiness to something beyond our control.Realize that no matter what you do, how sincere you are and how invested you are in a relationship, you have no control over how the other person perceives it or reacts to it. 

Stop relying on others to make you happy because very rarely does that materialize. Love yourself and do things that make you happy. Do things that take you closer to how ‘you’ want to live.Be the mom, lover, daughter or son you always wanted to be. The more you are focused towards what you want, the better you will be at designing a life that makes you happy. And you will be surprised at the extent to which it is independent of the people in your life.

3. Kids Are a Different Story

 kids are a different story

You are only as happy as your unhappiest child, and sadly this holds true for most of the mankind.But remember that children have lives of their own. As Khalil Gibran said in ‘On Children’- “Your children are not your children.They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.They come through you but not from you,And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.

There is very little that you can do apart from raising them to the best of your abilities. You have no control over the gifts, capacities and character that God bestowed on them and you can never be a part of their tomorrows.So try your best and hope that they will too. Your happiness lies in your hands, do not ruin it for something over which you have no control as a mother (or father).

4. Respect Money

respect money

Whether you belong to the super-rich or to the not-so-rich, respect for money always helps keeps lives disciplined.You must budget your expenses and know how much of your income is spent on what, and how much you manage to save, if at all. Curb unwanted and impulsive splurges, and do not hoard stuff.Just because it is holiday sale does not mean that you spend a month’s salary on stuff that is going to sit idle in your closet. If you must definitely shop, then have an idea of what to spend on.Take stock of your closet and separate your belongings into bins of ill-fitting and worn out outfits, out-of-season wear, clothes that you want to donate, and stuff to trash. Once you have purged your closet you will have a clear idea of what you need to replenish.

Invest in quality buys that will last long. Take good care of your clothes, bags and shoes, and ensure that they always look good. Value your belongings and enjoy possessing them, not many are as lucky as you. Buy high quality makeup that is safe and authentic, and looks great on you. Enjoying your purchases and taking good care of them will make you a sensible shopper.Look out for coupons and freebies, and enjoy saving money. Research shows that financial discipline is linked to happiness and contentment. You know what you can afford, you stay within budgetary limits and can occasionally splurge on dream holidays or a hot set of wheels. What else can one need when you know that with determination you can actually have it all?

Happiness is a state of mind, and with practice and mindful efforts you can definitely achieve it. Happiness is also contagious and will help improve the quality of life around you. So get started today, and see what changes your decision to be happy brings about in your life.