'The Five S' of SUCCESS!

'The Five S' of SUCCESS!

'The Five S' of SUCCESS!

“I never dreamed about my success, I worked for it”. --- Estee Lauder

Fortitude and perseverance can conquer the world. These are prevailing qualities that set apart a successful person from the commoners.  The path to success is strewn with obstacles, but none that cannot be overcome.

Courage is not about not falling, but rising after every fall’. Similarly, failure is the stepping stone to success. At the same time, remember that not all outcomes are favourable. Some battles are not worth fighting for, so don’t waste your energy and time over them.

The ‘mantra to success’ comprises of the 5 ‘S’:

Struggle > Survive > Sustain > Strive > SUCCESS!


Struggle is the stepping stone to success.


Tips to Achieve your Goals

Strength grows out of struggle! One’s success is determined by how well one bears his/her struggles in life. When one is faced with challenges, s/he learns to be a fighter. A fighter will survive and come out victorious at all cost. Embrace the hardships to conquer the struggles – they will pave the path to help grow and prosper as an individual and professional.

Strength of character comes while struggling in life. One understands to value even the smallest factor to make the big difference in life. This is when one discovers the true potential that was always present within self.

One’s struggles are the opportunities thrown at an individual to overcome the obstacles. Every successful person has struggled in life. Successful persons have turned their experiences into valuable lessons of life.

Struggle is the ‘key’ that leads toward success.


“Every cloud has a silver lining”.


Inspiration to Get things done

It is the hope that helps an individual to survive while struggling to achieve the unexpected. Individuals struggle every moment of life just to survive. Individuals who succeed in the longer run are the people, who have valued each small lesson they have learnt in the process.

Simplify problems of life to find solutions to eradicate them from the root. Easier said than done? It is done easier than said… Life is just like a Mathematics problem. A problem in Maths is solved in few simple steps. Humans tend to complicate life’s survival period to never arrive at the ‘answer’ to the problem. Look at the positive aspect of surviving the struggle period. Nothing lasts forever, not the good and certainly not the bad times. 

The art of survival is consistent in every individual. Each one of us adapts to one’s situation to survive. Once one has mastered the art of survival, the survivor is ready for the next big step.



Stay Resilent in Your Life

When one survives after the struggle, individuals tend to forget to sustain while pursuing success in haste. The most important step towards success is sustaining after one’s survival. Building a strong base will strengthen one’s standing in the long run.

It is very important to sustain your courage and self-belief. Improve to evolve as an optimistic. Understanding one’s strength and trusting the inner voice of self are very important factors that make an individual successful. Prioritize life’s needs and goals by leading a disciplined life. The continuous process of betterment can well define sustainment.

By overcoming one’s inner fears and doubts, an individual learns the trick of sustaining in life. Sustenance will build the positive vibe to provide the much needed confidence in an individual.


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Find Inspiration

Each one of us is unique in our own ways. Every individual discovers self and their potential of how one can achieve the unexpected. Nature has provided an in-built system in all. It is only when one finds one’s true worth, will s/he be able to excel and surpass the average to touch the skies.

To strive continuously towards your goals and against all odds is certainly no mean feat. It requires the strength of character and faith in one’s own abilities. Many individuals give away because of the continuous process of striving. It takes only the best and the ones who will never give up to achieve success.   The best never quit. Meditation will help conquer the moments of restlessness of mind and revive the within to strive ahead towards the goal.

As one strives forward, stretch the limit to achieve the one thing that you have struggled so hard to survive while sustaining. Those who strive with the only intention of achieving success are the ones who achieve it!


“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” – Nikos Kazantzakis


Solution to Become Successful

Having struggled to survive led an individual to sustain to strive to achieve the unexpected. The world terms the unexpected as ‘Success’! The fifth magical ‘S’ of ‘The Five S’ is the ultimate epitome of one’s life.

The key to smart and result-oriented approach is to strategise a plan and work on it passionately. Positivity generates positivity. Define success according to self and not how the world wants it to be. Always be ready to struggle with passion, survive against all odds, sustain through one’s small victories and strive for the ultimate. Success will always be there waiting for the “Successful”!

Always remember the power to being successful lies within you, and only you can harness that power.  You were born to succeed, so surge ahead on your journey to being a success story that people will talk and write about!