How You Unconsciously Give Advice to Your Future Self

How You Unconsciously Give Advice to Your Future Self

How You Unconsciously Give Advice to Your Future Self

I am sure you are familiar with the method of writing notes for your future self. These are pieces of advice that you write on a paper, and put them away to remind yourself later. These are your promises to yourself, and your dreams that you want to fulfill.

The phenomenon I want to talk about is something similar, but it happens on a much deeper level. This is unconscious, and it defines your whole destiny. Your destiny leads you to your final destination: yourself. But to find yourself, first you have the learn the lessons about  who you are, and who you are not.

Free will or Destiny?


Listen to Your Life

Do you believe that you have a destiny? Or do you think that you are completely free to do whatever you want? I want to suggest you an entirely different point of view. I believe that free will and destiny are not opposites, but complementaries. They exist at the same time, and they are meant to be the same. When you choose your destiny out of your free will, they correlate with each other perfectly.

You have a very clear defined path in life, which leads to a certain unavoidable outcome. However, at the same time, you have ultimate freedom to make every single decision in life. You have the freedom to choose your own path or to go astray. Balance and happiness come to you when your destiny and your free will become one. (Steps to Be Happy)

Your Promise to Yourself


Stay Motivated

You see, before you were born, you already planned what you wanted to learn in this life. After you were born, you forgot about this, but it is still there in your subconscious mind. Actually, nobody is forcing you to meet your destiny. You simply made a promise to yourself, and now you have to remember it, and fulfill this promise.

You can look at the physical world as a playground, and at life as a huge theater. Your whole life is a holy play, and you are playing it to learn something important. Different people have to learn different things. Some need a lesson in unconditional love, while others experiment with loss and suffering. But the ultimate lesson is always the same for you and everybody else: realizing who you really are.

Notice Your Own Signs


Signs You Create

You create certain situations for yourself that you need to experience in order to know yourself better and learn the lessons of life. You also plant advice and signs for your future self, to help yourself remember and execute your mission in this life.

It doesn't matter how this advice manifests. Sometimes, you simply remember it with your intuition, sometimes you hear it from other people, and other times it appears in your dreams. But even when somebody tells you the advice, you are still telling it to yourself. Because you were the one who planted it there in the future, to the exact time and place when you needed it the most.

How to Remember Your Destiny


Things to Remember

Let me show you an easy exercise that will help you connect you to your destiny. Just take a deep breath, and ask yourself this simple question: “What lesson do I have to learn in life?” Write down the first answer that comes to your mind without thinking about it. Now, put it on your wall, where you can see it often. And every time you look at it, think about it for a while. Did you learn something new about it, did you make some progress in the lesson?

You just have to put your attention on yourself. You just have to recognize the signs that you planted for yourself. You just have to take the advice that you sent to yourself in the future. So, be attentive and notice the signs on your way. They were put there just in the right moment, just in the right place, just for you. Nothing is a coincidence.