How To Use Silence To Empower Your Life

How To Use Silence To Empower Your Life

How To Use Silence To Empower Your Life

Sometimes your busy life can be so overwhelming. Maybe even more than you want to admit. The world today is intense and it takes real effort to keep on top of things. 

There is a surprising source of strength and guidance within to assist you in making the very best of your life. That source is available to you when you quiet down and listen inward. 

listen to inner word

Find your Inner Strength

Let’s explore the benefit of silence, what you might be listening to and how to successfully hear the guidance within?

The Benefits of Exploring your Silence are

  • You become more aware of who you are.
  • You better understand what you need.
  • You expand your emotional intelligence and well-being.
  • You find out what matters to you.
  • You have more appreciation for who you are.
  • You learn to accept yourself as you are.
  • You develop deeper relationships with others when you have a deeper relationship with yourself. 

When you listen inward there is a wisdom that speaks to you. That inner knowing goes by different names in different traditions including the voice of your heart, intuition, gut instincts, higher mind, soul, universal mind, the collective consciousness of humanity, the Divine, and others. 

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Improve Listening Skills

Your higher voice always knows what is best for you. As you develop a relationship with that voice it shows up more and more to guide you in the most amazing ways. 

Finding the Inner Guiding Voice can Happen in a Number of Ways

One way is to find a quiet place free of distraction. Tune in and ask to connect to this voice. In a short time that voice will present itself to you

This voice feels expansive. It’s never fearful. It guides you towards positive outcomes, more inner peace, more joy, more love and many ways to create the life you want.

Another way is to use a notebook to record the conversation with your guidance. Ask a question and patiently await a response. Sometimes the answers come easily and clearly. Other times they may take a little more exploring to understand. 

record yourself

Listen to Yourself

A third way is to notice powerful feelings, a gut instinct, or random inner messages and pay attention to them as you go through your day. This ability to hear these messages grows with practice. 

Your inner guidance is happening all the time. The question is, are you listening and acting according to it? When you do your life lights up with possibilities. When you ignore what you know inwardly you often stay stuck or cause yourself suffering.  

Listening to what you can know from being tuned in will enhance your life every day.